Yet Another Refinished Granny

This 53″ square Scrap Granny followed me home from Sal’s. – Got it for just $3.99!

659 granny flat

I also got two skeins of RHSS for 99¢ each! Whee!!

659  2 skn crm

The blanket is in Beautiful condition, so I could have passed on to the state foster care program just as it was, but I thought it would benefit from a border. Several rounds of black, the simplest solution, would only add size, while a Bright color would at least give some Zing! But adding a multi-colored border could help to unite the many colors of the squares.

The Big Question was – which colors? ?

After much deliberation, and some trial and error, I ended up alternating single rounds of teal, red, and pale blue with black.

659 close

Somewhere during the process I realized that no matter which colors I added the yellow, orange and red squares would still stick out like sore thumbs. Yowza – They Are Bold! lol.

659 full view

‘Yet Another’ is now 61″ square, perfect for a young foster child to wrap up in.

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6 Responses to Yet Another Refinished Granny

  1. BettyLou says:

    A young child can learn their colors with this blanket—–perfect!

  2. AnnB says:

    Now if the original maker had added this border, she/he or the recipient would have kept this blanket. The border finishes it and takes it from blah to beautiful.

    • I often wonder the story of how/why the blankets I buy came to be in a thrift store. Blah-ness could definitely have been a factor with this one!
      And I’m not sure that it has yet made it all the way to “beautiful” – lol – but I appreciate the sentiment.
      Thank you, Ann.

  3. The border really makes that blanket.

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