#22 – This Week’s Ripple

These colors remind DH of the dark wood and fabrics of Victorian home furnishings.

660 close

The yarns are RHSS ‘Cafe Latte’, ‘Burgundy and ‘Painted Desert’, plus a small ball of cream that has a delicate peach cast and an unknown brown.

Thanks to this bright orange price sticker,

660 orange price stickr

I know that the ‘Burgundy’ came from last year’s all-town tag sale in Monson. It’s always fun to celebrate a thrifty find a second time!

Unfortunately, I had no reason to celebrate when I went to use several hand-rolled balls of brown. Every one turned out to be made of many, many short pieces of yarn, fine if I was making granny squares, but terrible for a ripple.

– Folks, if you should ever roll yarn bits into a ball and then decide pass it on, please remember to attach a note. Wrapping the last few rounds of yarn over the center of a small folded piece of paper would work nicely. –

Luckily I had enough of another, slightly darker, brown, so I didn’t have to refigure my entire striping plan. phew!

After finishing the blanket, which I’m calling

Dark Luxury,

660 VIC full

I took the time to reroll every brown bit that was at least two yards long. All the little scrapballs are headed for the granny scrap box, – two yards is enough for a granny center – while the two larger ones are probably big enough to complete an entire row in a future scrap ripple.

660 brwn bits

By the way. . . the tan, ‘Cafe Latte’, which blends so beautifully with ‘Painted Desert’, came from Lisa of TN. Thank You, LISA!

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2 Responses to #22 – This Week’s Ripple

  1. Sandi S says:

    This is just lovely – as usual!! 😉 I believe this one reminded me of Chocolate Covered Cherries – but Dark Luxury describes it pretty well too!! Beautifully done as are all of your ripples!!

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