Do I Detect a Theme?

I love that my yarn fairies choose to recycle cardboard boxes. Melissa of GA reused ones from disposable diapers both in February of last year

533 box

and this April.

647 1-diapers

While Karen of MA just sent me this box,

662 box

which once held ‘Heavenly Soft’ bath tissue.

662 hvnlysoft

I suppose that my suspicion of a certain developing theme will only be justified if someday yarn arrives in a box from adult incontinence products! lol.

Well, regardless of the lettering that might be on the boxes, I welcome every gift of yarn! I was especially looking forward to this particular box because Karen emailed to tell me that not only did she share some of her old stash with me but some new thrifty treasures that she just got from a 30% off shopping spree at Savers and a fire department’s annual tag sale! And I could hardly wait to see the little black, white and green blanket that she told me about getting for One Dollar.

And then, there it was, laying on top of all the yarn – with its original $1.00 masking tape price tag still intact. lol.

662 open - blnkt

It’s 30″ x 40″, a good-sized blanket for a foster baby.

662 3-blnkt

I’m going to add a border, not so much to enlarge it, but just to “jazz it up” a little, as Karen suggested. A certain variegated yarn from Sandi of MD immediately came to mind. Can’t wait to see how they will look together.

633 ST Black LightAnd immediately under the little blanket was

662 4-layer1in

(top row, left to right) Wintuk ‘Juicy Red’ – Love that name! – and two 8 oz. skeins from Herrschners, who, sadly, does not name their colors. –

662 5-layer1out

(bottom row, left to right) several skeins, some partial, some whole, of various whites, the last of which came from Savers. So did the next two, RHSS ‘Painted Desert’ – Funny, I used this same variegated in last week’s ripple, ‘Dark Luxury’. – and an anonymous lavender. I ripped open the very thin slightly translucent bag – recycled produce bag, I suspect – that was on the ‘Mauve’ Dazzleaire so you could better see its color, but as I ripped I thought, “What a great idea, bagging fuzzy yarns like Dazzleaire before adding them to stash will keep them from getting all shop worn/raggy-looking from being tossed about for months on end!” And lastly, on a cone, an entire pound of fingering weight? off-white.

That’s already alot of great yarns, but we’ve got a whole ‘nother layer to go!

662 6-layer2-inI see several more Savers tags, eight altogether! Nice haul, Karen!! –

662 7-layer2out1Let’s start with the bottom row this time, shall we? (left to right) Yarns Brunswick Fore-‘n-Aft Sport ‘Yellow’ right next to Caron Wintuk ‘Baby Yellow’, two more whites, Caron Wintuk ‘Mist Green’, Caron Sayelle ‘Fir’ and another skein in a translucent bag, Sayelle ‘Purple’, – more purple/less blue than it appears here – but this yarn isn’t fuzzy in the least!

This realization got me to take another look

662 8-bagged – light bulb moment – I think Karen probably found these two ‘specially bagged’ yarns at that Fire Department Tag Sale! lol.

662 9-bagged25

Well, I still like my idea of bagging fuzzy yarns to protect them.

Gathering all the anonymous yarns from the top row together with the two skeins from Herrschners and the Ziploc of scraps makes me think ‘Sunset Ripple’. How about you?

662 7-sunset

This is about seven pounds of yarn, enough for 4+ ripples!

662 10-backinbox

And let’s not forget about the little black/white/green one,

662 3-blnkt

which brings the blanket count to Five!

Thank you, Karen! Thank you so much for thinking about my charity project while you were out shopping. And for sharing your extra stash with me, with the foster kids.

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4 Responses to Do I Detect a Theme?

  1. BettyLou says:

    Such good yarn angels out there taking the time to send you some of their old and new stash, what a blessing.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the blanket with the variegated border.

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