#23 – Thinking in Green and Pink

My usual yarn “formula”, simply estimating that I’ll get 3.33 ripple rows per ounce, served me very well on this blanket. Look at how little yarn I had left!

663 GPK-scraps

– For comparison, the ‘large’ ball of mint green weighs about two ounces. –

Other Yarns Worth Noting: The pretty variegated came from Karen of MA and I used about 4 ounces of Caron Premium ‘Rose’ from Ann of OK. I agree with that yarn’s label. . . it IS “Softer and Brighter”! lol.

And the lighter rose is the last of the Three Pounds we unraveled from this bobble-covered crochet sweater, which I found at Sal’s back in 2012. – $3.00

Bobbles sweater

I may have lost track, but I know that I’ve made at least four other ripples with this particular yarn:

‘Bobble-less One’ – #44 of 2012 – My, my, but this is a Pretty One! –

346 Bobble-less One - flat‘A Jacob’s Ladder’ – #50 of 2012 – Could be called “My One and Only Jacob’s Ladder”, lol.

362 Jacob - flat view‘Desert Sunset’ – #10 of 2014

0-RIP-PRP-full ‘A Little Ripple’ – #15 of 2014

0-RIP-STMPY-fullAnd now there’s a fifth. . .


663 GPK-full

The flowers that the colors in this ripple bring to my mind aren’t usually called Carnations. They’re Pinks, with the same serrated edges, smaller and often clove-scented. But calling a ripple ‘Pinks’ probably wouldn’t make you think about flowers. lol.

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2 Responses to #23 – Thinking in Green and Pink

  1. Karen says:

    What a beautiful blanket! Love the design. Hmmmm, the variegated looks a bit familiar!

    • Thank You, Karen. I love it too!!

      (shaking head at self) Can’t believe I forgot to make a note about that yarn. So much so, I actually went and double checked ‘Karen’s box’ to be sure that I’d used your variegated, not a lookalike from old stash. lol.

      I’m so glad you caught my omission. I love giving credit to my dear fairies! 🙂
      Off I go to edit. . .

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