A Bounty of Blankets

It had been a looong time since I’ve seen a nice-looking yet reasonably priced crocheted or knitted blanket at a thrift store. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I snagged TWO on the same day!

Not only that, I paid just $2.99 each, after a 25% senior discount. Yay!

The first one, burgundy and white, is long and narrow, 28″ x 66″, so I plan to add about 8″ on both long sides, probably in blue.

664 blnkt1 - Bg /Wh

I didn’t notice how the burgundy ends splay out a little when I looked it over in the store. Hmmm. I think I’ll play around with different height stitches as I crochet the first row of blue. – Start with slip stitches at the beginning of the white, then switch to sc, hdc, and dc as I work my way across, reversing order as I near the other end. Hopefully that will help to square things up.

The second, of RHSS ‘Light Raspberry’, is 33″ x 53″, very close to the size of my little ripples, so I’m just going to add a fun little variegated border.

664 blnkt2 - pink

An even better deal than the blankets were the stuffed toys on sale at 2/$1.00! I dug all the way to the bottom of an overflowing playpen and came up with fourteen great-looking ones. – Sadly, no Beanie Babies, which seem favored by kids and seniors alike (bingo prizes), as they remained $1.99 each. –

664 stuffies

This Continental jet was my only non-animal stuffie. Probably not as comforting as a teddy bear, but it so accurately recreates the sound of a plane taking off when you squeeze its tail, I couldn’t resist!

664 plane

Maybe it will be chosen by a foster child who dreams of becoming a pilot.

The next week I found this thick warm blanket.

664 blnkt3-fullUnfortunately it wasn’t a Senior Discount Day and blue tagged items weren’t on sale either. (pout) But I bought it anyway, for $5.99.

Although not huge, 35″ x 48″, I’m not going to enlarge it as I don’t want to take the time to figure out its unique crochet stitch pattern,

664 3front

which looks quite different, front and back.

664 3frontandback

Altogether that’s three more blankets that may comfort children entering foster care. Number Three is already on its way and Blankets One and Two will be ready to go shortly.

Three blankets at a total cost of $12.00. Why, that’s less than I’d pay for three blankets worth of RHSS yarn, even with 40% off coupons! Thrifty Treasures such as these are what keep drawing me back to Sal’s and Savers.

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