First Books, then Tags

We always plan to arrive early for our favorite library book sale so we will be near the front of the waiting crowd. – Because of a rainy forecast this year’s sale was held in the underground parking area of the bank next door. –

666 front of crowd

It didn’t take very long for a crowd to build around us!

666 crowd around

When the sale opened at the first stroke of nine I headed straight for How-To, while DH moved quickly toward the Arts.

666 3 Arts

My strategy, – When a book sale gets this packed, you really do need to have one. –

666 Crowd

is to speed-shop first from the table tops

666 4 crowded table

while I ask the people around me what topics they’re looking for and pass along any appropriate titles. Of course I hope they’ll do the same for me, but I also think that, since I’ve helped them out in this way, they may be less likely to accidentally step on me when I move to phase two, which is getting down on my knees to look through the books stowed under the tables.

666 5 boxes under table

– The shot above shows not only boxes of books down below but that not every category is as popular as my beloved How-To. –

I collected every interesting-looking knitting and crochet book that I came across,

– as well a single Sodoku book, for my sister,


which came from the Sports and Hobbies department, conveniently located right next to How-To. –

until my extra large canvas tote bag held as many books as both it and I could carry. Wish I’d thought to count how many or have taken a photo. There must have been at least thirty.

Some people, like this fella,

666 6 book guy

collect far more, creating a stash!

666 7 book stash

A common practice at this particular sale.

666 8 book stash2

Then I looked for someplace out-of-the way where I could quietly flip through my finds and decide which ones to keep. Against the back wall, next to the table of refreshments set out for volunteers, worked well.

666 back wall

Here are my final picks. – $1.00 each.


Surprisingly, I didn’t keep a single crochet book!

I felt lucky to get ‘Knitting Without Tears’ by Elizabeth Zimmermann,


a rare find.

When you’re paying so little per book it’s not impractical to buy one for a single pattern, like ‘Stitch Mix’


in ‘Family Circle Easy Sweaters’. I can easily imagine adapting its three textural bands for a blanket.

Only ‘Nature’s Wrapture’ was “specially marked” at $2.00 such an extravagance! lol. –


And here’s DH’s Art History haul.


How marvelous that together we paid less than $20! Visit this web-site and you may be able to find a used book sale near you.

Next we hit a neighborhood tag sale. And what a neighborhood! What treasures might we find at houses like this one?

666 9 house

It’s not often that we see tag sales held in three-car garages.

666 10

A lovely hand-knit blanket,


45″ square,

in simple yet attractive garter stitch


for $4.00?


I told the sale’s hostess that I’d be giving it to Child and Family Services for a child entering foster care. She said she would be sure to tell her daughter, whose blanket it had once been.

A large hand-painted gourd birdhouse – $2.00.


The previous owner told me that I had a good eye. I guess so, as the original price tag says $38.00!!


Two small skeins of yarn – $1.00


As I handed over my dollar bill, I mentioned that he should be happy to be getting his full purchase price back – The black Jack Frost’s original Bradlees price tag tells that it once retailed for 50¢. lol.

Not a very big tag sale haul, but still a nice way to wrap-up our thrifty adventure.

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3 Responses to First Books, then Tags

  1. AnnB says:

    Looks like you were competing with booksellers. Lucky you to find the knitting books….even if just for one pattern.

    • If there were any booksellers at the How-To tables they weren’t noticeable. Probably some of the people around me thought I was one because of how quickly I worked even though I had no scanner, which is a sure sign.
      The crowd had thinned quite a bit by the time I went to put back all the books I’d decided not to get. It was great fun to watch shoppers’ excitedly grab them up!

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