Last Week’s Ripple – #25

RHSS ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Shocking Pink’ from Lisa of TN, a little white and partial skeins of various light pinks. . .

669 closeL

Colors of Clematis

669 full

Sorry so short-winded. My computer keyboard has been acting up. So frustrating!! Have  you ever had to copy and paste individual letters in order to “type”? Sometimes I have no letter i, which is bad enough, but sometimes there’s no i, o, u, or t! This short little post originally looked like this . . .

Wh, RHSS ‘Amehys’ and ‘Shckng Pnk’ frm Lsa of TN, plus paral skens f varus lgh pnks . . .

Clrs f Clemas


Everything is behaving at the moment, so I’m off to attempt to write/edit a few posts and add a couple more projects to Ravelry. Wish me luck!!

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2 Responses to Last Week’s Ripple – #25

  1. Bettina says:

    hahahahahaha – like a demented shorthand 🙂

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