Here We Go Again!

Yet another box has been left on our porch

670 00-box

and, once again, it came from a yarn fairy. How Wonderful is THAT?!?

Lucky me, Sandi of MD doesn’t have anymore room for storing charity stash and her group doesn’t use any cotton. I’d barely finished reading her email before the box arrived.

Can’t wait to see what’s inside!

First thing I spy is. . .

670 0-open

a cute little (26″ x 45″) variegated baby blanket. – I recognize the yarn, RHSS ‘BonBon Print’. –

670 3-yrdstck

Sandi didn’t even mention this! What a fun surprise!

And under the blanket. . .

670 1st-layer

a generous amount of RHSS “Stars and Stripes” and “Grape Fizz”.

670 5-1st-out

Too bad there’s not enough time left to make a patriotic ripple to celebrate Independence Day!

I couldn’t help myself. Next I dug all the way to the bottom of the box

670 6-hole

because I wanted to see all thirteen!! balls of Sugar ‘n Cream cotton.

670 7-cottons

The Crochet Corner knitters are going to love this! I’ll give them first dibs and then knit washcloths for Haiti with the rest.

Sandi warned me that she was sending odds and ends this time, but I think I see at least one afghan “kit”. This Caron One Pound and Lion Brand Jiffy look like they’ll work well together, not only in color but in thickness! – Both are of a heavier weight than RHSS. –

670 8-kit

Next a pretty combination for an autumn ripple. . .

670 9-beg-kit

And then a couple of delicate color combos, for baby: Dazzleaire ‘Baby Pink/Blue/White’ and RHSS ‘Baby Print’.

670 10-babyFunny, I think ‘Baby Print’ – the middle skein – is the very same yarn they used to make that garter stitch blanket I got at last month’s tag sale!


And, lastly, at the very bottom of the box are a couple of Ziplocs

670 11-bottom

filled with scrap balls.

670 12-scraps

I think that one lonely little ball of Wool-Ease

670 13-wool

will feel so much better once it’s nestled in my wool blend charity stash. lol.

Holy Moley, Sandi, this is quite a nice haul in spite of being ‘odds and ends’!

670 14-all

Thank you!!!

Your generous gift means Six more blankets for foster kids, and, including a few scrappy ones, about Sixteen more washcloths, either for my ladies or students in Haiti.

Hmmm. I’m wondering whether I should I leave that cute little baby blanket as is,

670 2-blnktor

enlarge it to a kid-sized blanket of about 35 x 54. That would require adding a five-inch wide border. I don’t think I have enough of any one coordinating color yarn to accomplish that.

But I could do it with two colors – the bands on each end of one color and the sides of the second. If I use four, each band could be its own color. And, of course, I could also do the border Log Cabin style, which also takes four colors.

Ahhh, therein lies my answer. . . if I have enough yarn, whether of one, two or four appropriate colors, I will add a border.

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5 Responses to Here We Go Again!

  1. BettyLou says:

    Bless all the Yarn Fairies out there.

  2. BettyLou says:

    Just sitting in the hospital while hubby gets another 2 units of whole blood, transfused twelve days ago and back again for more blood. Hooks, yarn, and iPad help pass the time.

    • Wow, Betty Lou. . . I don’t know quite what to say.

      Hope your hubby recovers quickly from whatever is causing him to need so much blood!! I’m praying for wise doctors and compassionate nurses who will take very good care of him.

      Glad you had your crocheting along to help occupy your mind.

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