And THIS Week’s – #26

I’m so glad that it took me a few days to finish writing a post about this one, – thanks to my laptop’s sometimes disabled keys – cuz I really wasn’t crazy for it right when I finished the crocheting. And not just because I forgot to repeat the double-rows of cream on the other end either! – Talk about absent-minded. . . Can you believe I did that?!?!? –

A Scrappy* Ripple for a Scrappy** Boy

671 full

I think I was bothered by some of the grassy green yarns I used, which are much more lurid in real life than they seem here.

671 closeR

Whatever, I think it looks fine now and plan to quickly pass it off to DCF before I have the chance to change my mind. lol.

Reader Ann B. likes it better laying vertically.

671 fullShe makes a good point! The asymmetry (missing stripes) isn’t nearly as bothersome when seen this way, like a blanket on a bed. Ann also mentioned that the stripes will come in “handy to differentiate the ends…Head/Foot. You know how stinky boys feet can be. ” YES, I do!! lol.

This blanket was a great opportunity to use up many green, red and blue scraps, as well as a few partial skeins of off-white.

671 yarns

* Scrappy – Consisting of scraps.

** Scrappy – Having a determined spirit.

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5 Responses to And THIS Week’s – #26

  1. AnnB says:

    Sideways view appears off balance with the three wide white strips. Then I turned my head to view as if on a bed (vertical/portrait) and I can appreciate the vision you had in/while creating it. Scrappy, yet still a beauty which a photo cannot convey. Good job!

    • AnnB says:

      Additionally, I reread your comments that you forgot the second set of double cream/white strips. Still, on a bed it will work….and handy to differentiate the ends…Head/Foot. You know how stinky boys feet can be.

    • Hmmm. Others, including me, might like to see it in vertical mode without having to crink our necks, lol. – Off to flip the photo on end. –

      Thanks for the compliment, and such a good idea.

  2. AnnB says:

    How did you know I turned my head to the left? Ha!

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