Ripple #27 – A Tiny Bit of Variegated

I had a just enough of this pretty peach/green/white variegated

672 close

to eke out four rows in this week’s ripple, . . .

Fresh Melons.

672 full

Along with the variegated I used up several 3 and 4-ounce skeins, some full, some partial.

672 labels

Two skeins are from the four of ‘Tiger Lily’ Dazzleaire that I got at Savers with a 30% off coupon last August, which brought their cost down to just 70¢ each!

672 4coral

A few of the other yarns were provided by yarn fairy Sandi of MD. – Thanks, Sandi, for your help in making this week’s ripple! –

Searching for that old photo of the Dazzleaire – Advertised on its label as being “soft as bright happy dreams“! – I came across shots of the beautiful blue baby blanket – $2.10!! –

672 blu-bby

and coordinating receiving blanket – 70¢ – that I found the same day.

672 blu-+

Donated long ago, I like to imagine that a foster baby has been enjoying them all this time!

Note to Self:  One 3-ounce skein of Dazzleaire yields 12 rows, two more than I’d expected.

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4 Responses to Ripple #27 – A Tiny Bit of Variegated

  1. BettyLou says:

    Beautiful colors in this week’s ripple, so nice how just four rows of the variegated makes a statement throughout the blanket. Some young lady will love this. Amazing how you put the different yarns together and make them work. I raveled a shawl I was working on early this week and made hats with the yarn instead. Yarn wasn’t working as a shawl but nice for hats.

  2. AnnB says:

    It certainly does remind one of melons. Beautiful! Is the blue blanket knitted? Also very nicely done and off to a lucky recipient.

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