No Longer Just Black, White and Green

Remember the blanket that Yarn Fairy Karen sent me early last month? – BTW, Thanks once again for grabbing up and passing on this little cutie, Karen! –

662 open - blnkt

And remember how, just as soon as I opened it,

662 3-blnkt

I knew that I’d use Yarn Fairy Sandi’s RHSS ‘Black Light’ for its new border?

633 ST Black Light

Well, I finally got around to doing it!

Like on the other two blankets that I re-finished recently, I used a simple border: One double crochet round of black, one of the variegated, and then another of black.

Even with just a single row, the ‘Black Light’ is very powerful. Wowza!! – lol –

673 full

I love how unpredictable its variegation is.

673 close

Notice how both the order of the color segments and their length vary. Pick any color and check. Segments run from two to four stitches and they don’t always lie between the same two colors.

673 folded

What a interesting yarn!!

673 folded2

I can hardly wait to make a ‘Black Light’ ripple.

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4 Responses to No Longer Just Black, White and Green

  1. Barbara says:

    Love it! I noticed the same thing when i used this yarn and it has become a favorite of mine. It’s really wonderful what you do with other people’s “cast offs”… I love reading about your efforts and I especially love seeing the next ripple color combination you create. Thanks so much for sharing!

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