Beaded Pins

Unfortunately, most of my blog entries do not get posted immediately, which sometimes requires a bit of time travel. . .

Fourth of July was quickly approaching and I had yet to find a patriotic pin that I wanted to crochet for the Crochet Corner ladies and their friends. Then I saw these patriotic Perler bead designs. With a little play I came up with a smaller version of that flag heart.

Here are a few strategies that helped me make 25 flag heart pins ASAP.

If you sort your beads into muffin tins like I did

676 perlersorted

an ordinary teaspoon comes in real handy for moving them around.

678 0-spoon

A yarn needle makes it easier to

678 5-needlepick up,

678 6-pickupcarry

678 7-carry

and place a single Perler bead right where you want it on the pegboard.

678 9-doneSince I was working with such a small shape I could build

678 16 ready

and iron several of them at once.

678 7-ironIf you happen to lose the piece of “special” ironing paper that came with your beads, you can substitute parchment baking paper. A box of 25 square feet sells for $1.00 at Dollar Tree.

678 19-prchmnt

I wanted to iron my hearts from the backside only so the beads on the front would remain well-defined, but I soon discovered that this left the hearts’ points very vulnerable to breaking.

678 4-brkn tipAlthough I continued to iron from the back only, from then on I ironed for a much longer amount of time, until I could see that the holes in the beads had almost closed. No more problems with broken tips. Yay!

678 18-ironed

Ta-Dah!. . .  heart flags ready for pin backs.

678 20-ta-dah!

Boy, oh Boy! – hot gluing pin backs is amazingly fast compared to sewing them, like I did for the Mother’s Day rose pins.

678 3-back

But let me tell you something – don’t try to hot glue all twenty-five pinbacks right off the bat! Instead, take the time to let the glue on your first heart pin cool and check to see whether you can pull or peel the pin off, or even the pin and glue. Because you may find out, like I did, that you need to let your glue gun heat up for a much loooonger time, about 25 minutes in this case. sigh.

When I visited the nursing home on July 3rd I saw that S. was already celebrating, dressed in a bright red top with Uncle Sam hat and red, blue and silver strands of star-shaped beads! Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to take a photo or two to share with you until I was well on my way home. . .  yet another missed photo-op. – Will I ever get good at this!?! ? ! arrrggh. – But at least I thought to offer S. a flag heart and pinned it on for her!

I guess this means that I was truly “living in the moment”. That’s a good thing. . . right?

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One Response to Beaded Pins

  1. AnnB says:

    Living in the moment. Yes, I remember when that was something I was trying to aspire to. Then I realized for me, it’s more just accepting life as it comes. It’s never as I had worked out in my head/plans. Ha!

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