Preparing to Get Klutzy

Thinking of the Crochet Corner ladies, B, who struggles valiantly to crochet, in particular, I recently bought a Klutz brand potholder loom kit with book.

680 Klutz book

It’s original retail price, $19.99, but I got it, on sale at Sal’s, for only 50¢! – Woo-Hoo!!

I have a second loom that probably also came from Sal’s. – Can’t remember, I’ve had it for so long. –

680 older 2nd-loom

Convenient to have an extra so I can demonstrate or, if I’m so lucky as to engage two ladies in this project, they can both weave at the same time.

And, to go with the looms. . . I grabbed an unopened one pound bag of loops,

680 loops

also on sale – $2.00.

Look! Inside the Klutz box there are more loops and a finished potholder. Nice to have a ready-made sample.

680 sample potholder

Boy, it’s pretty small, only 5″ square. – wince – Not very practical as a potholder, but would work as a trivet, I think. I suppose I could sew six of them into a placemat, although I wonder if any of the ladies will want to weave six potholders.

But maybe someone will find the “fancy” weaving patterns in the Klutz book intriguing

680 patterns

or will want to make one of the other items suggested. Chicken bean bag, anyone?

680 projects

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