A HUGE Surprise!

I had no idea that yet another box of yarn was coming my way until I heard that telltale Thump! as it landed on our front porch.

I, of course, wanted to open Ann of Oklahoma’s surprise gift immediately, but decided to wait for a few days as 90º+ weather isn’t the best for playing with yarn. . .

especially when you’ll be doing it on a blacktop driveway.

681 1 hotondrive

And it’s a Huge box. . . 25″ long, so I knew I’d playing for a good while. Such Fun!!

I marvel at Ann’s generosity. As if it’s not wonderful enough that she chose to share so much of her stash with a fellow crocheter, she decided to ship it all the way from Oklahoma to me, in Connecticut! ~ Thank You, Ann! ~

681 2-BIG

First thing I found under the cardboard flaps was this, the cutest teeny-tiny little card, telling me to expect lots of baby yarns inside!

681 3-card

Yet I immediately noticed a few skeins of worsted weight. . .

681 4 1st-layer

including some of my dear old friend Red Heart Super Saver in ‘White’, ‘Cherry Red’ and ‘Black,’

681 5-RHSS

four 3.5 ounce skeins of a beautiful variegated from Bernat, called ‘Purple Camo’

681 6-Camo

and these coordinating rose and grey yarns.

681 7-Marble

Unfortunately the two Encore solids, although machine washable, contain 25% wool. Wool is not allowed in the blankets I make for foster kids, but I do have a special bin marked “Charity Blends”. That still leaves the one-and-a-half skeins of beautiful grey and rose ‘Marble’ to inspire a ripple. I imagine it will be an especially pretty one!

These partial skeins of Pound of Love are the last of the worsted weight yarns on this layer.

681 9-+wrstdThe rest are sport weight – mostly partial skeins of Lion Brand Baby Soft, a few of Bernat Baby Sport. I see a very pastel ripple in my near future!

681 8-sportpstls

Oh. My. Gosh. Looking at the second layer of yarns. . .

681 10-2nd-layer

I’d say I have many pastel baby blankets in my future, and it’s as if Ann has already planned out their color-combos for me. Working my way from left to right. . .

Three jumbo skeins of Bernat Baby Sport in colors ‘Pale Blue’, ‘Funny Prints’ – I kid you not, that’s the name, ‘Funny Prints’! – and ‘Sweet Grass’.

681 11-bluprntgrn

More Bernat Baby Sport – ‘Baby’ and ‘Mint’

681 12-mint-baby

Switching to Lion Brand, four skeins of Baby Soft ‘Pistachio’, a sportweight, and a partial skein of Pound of Love ‘Pastel Yellow’, which happens to be a light worsted weight, so maybe I can use these two yarns together in a blanket.

681 13-grn_yello

More LB Pound of Love, ‘Creamsicle’, with a mix of both LB Baby Soft and Bernat Baby ‘White’ and a partial skein of lavender, which I suspect is also Pound of Love.

681 14-pchwhlvndr

It may seem that I saved the very best  last – Bernat Baby Sport ‘Strawberry’, ‘Punch Fun’ and ‘Tangerine’.  Such YUMMY! colors.

681 15-stwpnchtng

Referring back to ripples #26 thru #33 of 2013, a series of baby blankets that I crocheted of mostly fingering weight yarns, I expect a sport weight baby ripple – about 36″ square – will weigh about twelve ounces, so, with the help of a little solid white, this is enough yarn to make three! It’ll be fun to come up with three slightly different striping patterns, and then DCF will be prepared to welcome a set of triplets!

Seen as a whole, it looks a little like a yarn truck emptied itself onto my driveway. lol. Can’t wait to see how many baby blankets it turns into.

681 16-ALL

I don’t know about you, but the sight this much beautiful new yarn makes me want to pick up my hook and get to work. Silly me, I’ve already shown this photo to the Crochet Corner ladies – the pressure – they expect to see a baby ripple in progress when we meet next week!

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8 Responses to A HUGE Surprise!

  1. Karen says:

    WOW!!! Amazing colors! That should keep you busy for a while!

  2. Ann Shipley says:

    So glad you can use it, Linda!

  3. BettyLou says:

    What a nice assortment of new yarns to play with thanks to a very generous friend named Ann. I see quite a few new blankets in that box.

  4. Bettina says:

    oh my!!!!!!!! it makes you want to dive straight in and get started – have fun!! And well done to the lovely Ann!

    • Yes, such a large stash enhancement really get’s the creative juices flowing.

      Yarn fairies continue to amaze. . . one just contacted me about sending some more colors of James C. Brett Marble, that pretty, pretty marled yarn!

  5. Wazeau says:

    Nice haul, so full of possibilities!

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