Bon Bons and More

I didn’t take the time to draw up a design plan before I started crocheting a border on the little variegated blanket made of RHSS “Bon Bon Print”, that Sandi of MD sent me.

670 0-open Instead, I worked on the border very slowly over a couple of weeks, feeling out how many rounds I wanted in each color band and how many extra rows to do on the ends. 683 4- rumpled border With the help of two partial skeins of RHSS ‘Shocking Pink’ from Lisa of TN and Sandi of MD, and every bit of the ‘BonBon Print’ that I had in my stash, it gradually grew from a cute little baby blanket 670 3-yrdstck to a 35″ x 56″ kids’ blanket. Ta-Dah! 683 3-angled I love how adding a border, even a simply crochet one of only plain dc and 2 dc – chain 1 rounds, 683 2-border close-upcan make such a significant difference!

Bon Bons Plus

683 1-full view

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