Ripple #31 of 2015 – The One With LOTS of Variegated

It was great fun to have so much of a variegated yarn to play with, but I think I may have gone slightly overboard. I wonder how this would have looked if I had exchanged white for some of the variegated rows.

Grandma’s* Hoping for a Girl

682-GRL-full viewMy thanks to Ann of OK for all of the solid-colored yarns in this ripple: RHSS ‘Rose Pink’ and ‘Country Rose’, and Caron Premium ‘Soft Blue’ and ‘Slate Blue’, a very small part of the box of yarns that she gave me last year.


* To be fair, this fictitious crocheting Grandma – not me – did use both pink and blue yarns, but you’ll notice there’s alot more pink! lol

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10 Responses to Ripple #31 of 2015 – The One With LOTS of Variegated

  1. AnnB says:

    Perfect as created. It’s balanced. I like balance. The child who receives this will appreciate it, too.

  2. BettyLou says:

    Very pretty, immediately it reminded me of the 80’s mauve and country blue color palette. Very feminine.

  3. Joan Martino says:

    I think it looks great with the variegated. I love opening my email and seeing your new designs.

  4. sillia says:

    It might be more sedate with less variegated, but it’s livelier with more, so I think a kid would really like this.

    • I think you’re right – just cuz this isn’t my favorite ripple doesn’t mean there isn’t a foster child who will absolutely love it!

      I have more of the variegated. I might try crocheting the sedate version just so I can compare the two. Some one is sure to like it too.

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