#32 – A Cool Ripple

686 ICE-closeR

Greys: RHSS ‘Light Grey’, Love Knit ‘Grey’, and an unknown charcoal

Turquoises:  RHSS ‘Aruba Sea’, a gift from Lisa of TN, RHSS ‘Pale Green’, and Sayelle ‘Lt. Turquoise’ from KMart

Plus scraps of black and white

Cool Colors All. . .  perfect for the Hot month of August, right?

Snow and Ice

686 ICE- full view

Rather ironic that we’ve actually needed a comforter these last few nights.

But that’s better than needing a fan or air conditioner!


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7 Responses to #32 – A Cool Ripple

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Linda! The shading of these colors is so well done. How do you weave in your ends?
    Take care now.

    • Thank you, Sharon. I’m really pleased with this one!

      The short answer to your question is that I usually don’t weave in my ends. – Did I just hear you gasp?!? lol. –

      The loooong answer is. . .
      When I switch colors at the end of a ripple row, I leave extra long ends, knot them* together between the first and second stitch of the new row and then crochet over them for the next several stitches, until I reach the top of the first ripple ‘peak’.

      However, I do weave in any ends that are left out in the middle of the blanket whether from cutting out a knot or starting a new ball of yarn, and I weave in all ends of any slippery yarns, like ‘Simply Soft’. Here’s an excellent tutorial which demonstrates the way I do that.

      When I’m using a variegated yarn I do my best to hide the end inside whatever nearby stitches are of the same color. If the yarn’s color segments are short this can mean following a very serpentine trail, always reversing direction halfway through.

      * I know that some people think knots are sacrilegious, but they are a compromise I choose to make. I couldn’t stand to weave in a zillion ends on every ripple I make – 51 last year! – and I think that tiny tips of yarn will pop up no matter the method, but I know these knots will hold things together. . . My sister experimented, machine washing and drying a few of the baby ripples she did this way, and they all came out looking great!

      Still with me? – That was alot of reading/viewing to do! – I hope I fully answered your question. And how do you weave in your ends?

      • AnnB says:

        For awhile I was a no knot snob. I realize now, that a well hidden knot that won’t effect comfort, but might affect durability is sometimes just necessary. With the color changes you make, and repeated washing of children’s afghans, I can see that knots are not to be ignored. Ha!

      • Glad to hear that you share my practical view of knots.

        – But just for laughs, try to say “No-Knot Snobs” ten times fast! –

  2. AnnB says:

    Could also be a rocky beach at the ocean. Beautiful.

  3. Helene says:

    Oh my gosh, such a beautiful colour combination!
    I’d like to walk barefoot at the seaside, too instead of melting in the City… It’s so incredibly hot here in Vienna (approx. 37 degrees Celsius per Day = 98 F) for more than 6 weeks – we’d accept everything to let us cool down, even a blanket in seaside-colors :))
    Thank you for the interesting Information about knots – will give them a try :))

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