Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Once I’d finished making the patriotic Perler pins for Independence Day,

678 16 ready

I wanted to immediately start a larger project, adapting a cross-stitch pattern to beads. Wandering around on-line looking for a suitable free design, I thought these morning glories looked like a good choice. In the chart’s lower right-hand corner it tells what size the design will turn out when worked on different gauges of Aida cloth – only 3 1/8″ x 4 1/4″ if worked on 14 ct! Quickly counting the chart’s ten-square blocks I figured it would be a littler bigger, about 4″ x 6″, once transferred to my Perler Super Pegboard.

676 superpegbd

But that was before I realized that the blocks of the pegboard grid are only six-squares wide, while the cross-stitch chart’s are ten. Sooo, my morning glories are nearly four times bigger than I at first expected – roughly 9″ x 11″!

687 CSB-done

Aren’t they pretty, though!?!

You can probably tell that I messed around with the original morning glory design. – I didn’t like the tan lines that were radiating from the center of each flower. – That’s one big advantage of working with beads instead of stitches of thread. . . it’s so easy to change out one color for another.

Finished, I realized I had no use for such a large piece, so I treated it much like you would a jigsaw puzzle. . . DH and I enjoyed looking at it for a few days and then I unceremoniously dumped it back in the box.

687 CSB-dumped

For now my Super Pegboard sits empty, waiting for my next “great idea”.

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