Ripple #33 of 2015


Purple Mountains’ Majesty

688 PMM-full vew

does have a little less variegated than the troubled #31,

682-GRL-full view

– 19 rows, instead of 22 –

surely those 3 fewer rows can’t be the only reason why I like it so much more. . .

can it?

Comparing the two ripples, I notice

  • PMM (Purple Mountains’ Majesty) has an all-cool palette,
  • that its variegated yarn has no white and
  • that I used the same color – purple or white – before and after each of its variegated stripes.

All things to remember whenever I want a calm, well-balanced ripple.

688 -PMM-close-up

And to think I did it with only five yarns!. . .

  • an unknown green/blue/purple/blue variegated
  • Wintuk ‘Medium Blue’ from Sandi of MD,
  • some RHSS ‘Spruce’ and ‘Lavender’ from my old stash,
  • and an anonymous white.
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2 Responses to Ripple #33 of 2015

  1. AnnB says:

    Love it. Reminds me of an iris garden, too. Be sure to squint when looking at the photo. It really brings out it’s beauty as it will look on a bed.

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