Changes for the Better

The Salvation Army Store that’s closest to where we live recently advertised that they’ve lowered all their prices. . . “You Asked. We Listened! Check out our New Low Pricing! Clothing From 99¢!” This is Fantastic News as prices were definitely raised when the store moved about a year and a half ago. And now, they also offer a 50% senior discount on everything in the store on Tuesdays, which also happens to be Crochet Corner day. . . you can guess what route I’ll be taking home from now on. lol.

But this new Tuesday discount won’t stop me from stopping by Sal’s other days of the week as well . . . If I’m in the area and can spare the time, you can be sure stop by, cuz you just never know what you might find!

Maybe there will be a brightly colored granny afghan,

689 SALS1-full

five-foot square

689 SALS2-fivefoot

and in beautiful condition, yet priced at only $3.99!

689 SALS3-tag

– I can easily fix the blanket’s one tiny flaw, a single yarn end that got woven in a little too tightly.

689 SALS4-end

Adding a solid orange border. . . that will take me a bit longer. –

And, although it’s been rare lately, there could even be some yarn.

689 SALS5-skns-in

I noticed when the woman who waited on me pointed out the blue stickers* to another clerk. Made me think that they both knew this yarn was way under-priced. Lucky Me to get a pristine skein of ‘Beige’ Lion Brand Pound of Love, still in its original plastic wrapper, and one of what I think is Caron One Pound ‘Persimmon’ for only 99¢ each. Who needs a Sr. discount with prices like that?!

And, there may also be a few fun items that I’ll want to get for the foster kids . . .

like a new coloring book and a set of ten Fisher Price Peek-A-Blocks – all for 99¢.

689 SALS7-toys

The chances of finding thrifty treasures at this particular Sal’s seem to, once again, be good, no matter what day of the week I may visit. 🙂

* Sal’s no longer actually shows a price on Bric-a-Brac, Toys or Craft Supplies that are $3.99 or less. Instead, each color of blank sticker represents a different price: Pink means 79¢ or 2/99¢, Blue is 99¢, Yellow $1.99, White $2.99, and Green $3.99.

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2 Responses to Changes for the Better

  1. AnnB says:

    Good finds. And what an interesting pattern of the yarn in the orange blanket. Probably only noticeable when photographed flat. Zig zag around and around. I wonder if the recipient child will ever notice.

    • I heartily agree on both counts – #1. Good finds and #2. Interesting Pattern. . . I saw it when I laid the blanket out to check for stains/holes before buying, but it wasn’t obvious.

      I think I’ll call this one “Op Art Granny”!

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