#35 – A Scrappy Ripple

This is what 28 ounces of scrap balls looks like.

691 PKP-yarn

That’s sixteen ounces of various Peaches and twelve of Pinks.

Emily seems to think that the very orangest of the peaches smells far too Bright! lol.

691 PKP-yrn-w_E

I sometimes use either a Scrandom or Scrimple chart to help pre-plan a scrappy ripple’s stripes, but with all those scraps, plus some white, I knew that I had plenty of yarn, so decided to choose the color sequence as I worked.

My only “Pattern”, and I use that word very loosely, was to crochet a two-row stripe and then do anywhere from one to four single-row stripes, repeat.

691 PKP-close

Since I wanted the beginning and ending of my ripple to match I had to start off using a scrap ball large enough to make at least four rows – in my case, one that weighed at least one-and-a-half ounces – and then remember not to absentmindedly use the rest of it up before I got to the blanket’s final two-row stripe -or- I may have simply switched to a second slightly different shade of antique rose. ssssh.

Peaches and Raspberries*

691 PKP-full

Yeah, I know, Peaches and Raspberries = Peach Melba. . . but I already used that name. . .  on Ripple #39 of 2012.

Also. . . interesting to see how similar this week’s ripple is to ‘Blushing Peaches’, #25 of 2012. I came across it when I checked for Peachy names on my earlier ripples.

285B Blushing Peaches

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2 Responses to #35 – A Scrappy Ripple

  1. AnnB says:

    Wow. A scrappy afghan that many would pay to have you tell them the colors and placement that you used. Really….I’m not kidding. You know Lucy at Attic24….hers are delightful, yet planned.
    This turned out just delightful and easy on the eyes. What a lucky child to pick this one….well, all of them appeal to someone.
    I checked the Peach Melba and that one did a dizzy number on my eyes. Ha! Random scraps is trending. Never thought I’d say anything was trending. Ha!

    • Sounds like you really, really like this one! Thank you.
      Wouldn’t be easy to duplicate using the exact same yarns, far too many vintage and unlabeled ones. But Stylecraft, the yarn Lucy often uses, comes in something like a zillion colors, doesn’t it?

      As far as how good it looks, I think there were two major factors working in it’s favor: 1. 1. Limited to 2 colors that are next door neighbors on the color wheel, 2. Used many shades and tints of both.

      The colors/striping in Peach Melba makes me think of a candy stick. At that scale it would be easier for you to look at. 🙂

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