I’m sad that it’s taken me this long to get around to posting about the yarn my newest fairy, X, who wants to remain anonymous, sent weeks ago. I delayed even opening the box until we had finished painting our garage, a job we’ve been dreading.

I let DH have the extension ladder,


while I used a stepladder tall enough to let me reach the top of the first floor.

692-1A-Linda garage

BTW – Having a Huge Box of Yarn waiting for me was a great incentive to paint, paint, paint! And before long I enjoyed my reward of examining and photographing many beautiful skeins of yarn. But then I delayed again.

I hope you’ll agree that I had a legitimate excuse . . . we’ve been very busy harvesting a record-breaking peach crop, more than double that of two years ago!

So far, we’ve frozen 32 containers, each holding 24 to 32 ounces,


and dried, according to these Rubbermaid containers, 40 cups!


Who knew two little dwarf peach trees could produce So Much Fruit!

But I think that’s enough talk about our gorgeous garage and our gorgeous peaches. You’ve already waited far too long to see the Gorgeous yarns given to me by Fairy X!

She carefully packaged it for the long trip to Connecticut, two 3.5 oz. skeins per Ziploc.


The way it sprang up when I opened the box, I think it was very happy to finally be able to check out its’ new home!

692 0-with flwrs

Like a little kid on Christmas morning, I looove looking through and photographing new yarn, but I did wonder whether the neighbors thought I’d gone nuts, flinging slippery bags of yarn about as I burrowed to the bottom of the box. Then again, over the years maybe our neighbors have become bored with my antics! lol

So. Let’s start with the Special DK. . . a soft smooth yarn by Stylecraft. X included 6 skeins of ‘Citron’ and 4 of ‘Spring Green’.

692-5-Citron Green

I immediately thought that the ‘Spring Green’ might be a good match for the Bernat Baby Sport pastel variegated called ‘Baby’, that Ann of Oklahoma sent in July. Yes!!, they look great together.

692 23-''spring' and baby'

This is wonderful because, as sparingly as I use variegated yarns, I know that the amount of Bernat ‘Mint’ I have in stash is not going to be enough.

Next. . . 4 skeins of WonderSoft Merry go Round in ‘Rose/Purple’, also by Stylecraft, and possibly even softer than the Special DK! – Guess that’s why they call it WonderSoft. duh. –


The rest is James C. Brett Marble! To give you some idea of just how unique this yarn is, I’ll quote a description given by Paradise Fibers: “Subtle variegation in this sophisticated colour range is balanced by a marble effect twist. Knitting to a DK or light worsted weight gauge, the resulting fabric has a striped effect which is subdued by the marl twist.”

Single bags first, – The colorway numbers are Brett’s, but the descriptions are all mine. – in no particular order:

Top Row: MT28 rose/lvndr, 27 burg/gold, and 18 blue/grey.

692 4-2-#18

Middle Row: 43 navy, 25 orange, and 42 burg/purple.

692 7a-2-#42





Bottom Row: 30 pink/blue, 37 red/brown, and 22 pink/peach

692 10-2-#22





At first glance, I thought these two bags held the same yarn.

692 B11-2-#33_9in

But once I took them out I could more easily see that MT33, on the left, is primarily red violet, while MT9, on the right, is mostly reddish brown.

692 12-2#33_9out

These 4 skeins are the same. . . MT1, a blend of natural and greys.

692 17-4ofM1

Here comes the grand finale. . . a trumpet fanfare, please. . .

Five Bags, that’s TEN skeins, of MT44, a blue violet blend,

692 18-10ofMT44

which is quite different from the only other deep purple, MT39 (on the left), of which I have two skeins.

692 18A 39 and 44

Amazingly, every colorway that X sent is GORGEOUS!! And – did you count? – I have Fourteen Different Ones! – I may have jumped up and down a little, in my mind, over the thought. lol  –

Oooooh, I feel slightly intimidated because I want to do my best to show off every skein, yet I can hardly wait to start experimenting! I’m so lucky to have at least two skeins of each color. If I mess up on my first attempt, I can try again!

But the fun’s not over yet. X also included a bag of mystery!

692 19-bag of mystery


692 20-hooks

It sortof looks like a circular knitting needle but with a different sized crochet hook on each end?

Aaaaah – Now I get it. . .

692 21-tunisian

They’re tunisian crochet hooks!. . . with 36″ long cables to hold a large project, like an afghan.

COOL! Now I just need to learn how to do tunisian crochet -or- find friends who need long large-sized tunisian hooks! lol.

To finish up, let’s take a few steps back. . .

and look at ALL of the yarn at once.

692 22-all yarn

WOW!! That’s all I can think to say. Wow.

Dear X, thank you so much for sharing your extra yarn with me! The Marble is sure to fuel my creativity for a loong time to come! Seeing that Paradise Fibers refers to it as light worsted encourages me to try combining it with RHSS, but first I think I’ll use it alone to make an “all-Marble” ripple.

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6 Responses to Gorgeous!

  1. Love that marble! Wow! Such beautiful yarns! !!!@

  2. sillia says:

    Wow–that yarn is just as mouth-watering as the peaches!
    I look forward to seeing how the Marble works up. A long time ago I made a wavy ripple scarf alternating two rows of dark blue Marble with two rows of light blue Marble. It’s very pretty–has so many different colors running through it. It has a lot of subtlety.

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