Last week, an unexpected gift arrived from a new yarn fairy in Virginia! Somehow I complete forgot that Karen and I had chatted about this a few months ago.


Oooooh! Surprise packages can hold such wonderful things,


like three fun variegated colorways! I don’t think I’ve ever worked with this particular camouflage yarn before. . . RHSS ‘Desert Camo’, but then again, I didn’t remember that a box of yarn was coming, so who knows?! lol


I’m definitely familiar with ‘Grape Fizz’ though, having gotten some, this summer, from Sandi of MD,  – Oh, together that makes three skeins, which just sparked a new idea for a future blanket. yippee! – And I’m sure that RHSS ‘Macaw’ is a new-to-me colorway. – Thanks Karen, for taking the time to identify every yarn without a label. My inquisitive readers like to know! –

Awwww. There’s a pristine Pooh Bear tucked among the skeins, a friendly buddy for some young foster child.


Group #1 includes: natura deluxe acrylic ‘Azalea’,, RH Classic ‘White’, ‘Skipper Blue’, and ‘Paddy Green’, Moon Glo ‘Bright Yellow’, some grey, and Loops and Threads’ Impeccable ”Lavender’695-5set-one

Group #2:  Red Heart With Love ‘Black’, 8 oz. skeins of RHSS ‘Aran’ and ”Light Coral’, – That’s right, Eight-Ounces. That and the $2.29 price tag give you some idea of how long this yarn was lovingly stashed by Karen’s friend’s aunt. And isn’t it interesting how yarn can travel? . . . from aunt, to friend, to Karen, to me! – and there’s some RHSS ‘Vibrant Orange’ too.


Lastly. . .  Waverly Bernat’s ‘Bark’, and RH Shimmer, ‘Turquoise’, with a variegated, Impeccable ‘Folklore’. – Here’s a page of finished ‘Folklore’ crochet projects, if you’d like to see how it looks worked up. – I can imagine these colors mixed together in a couple of boy ripples. 


Then again, I’ll probably replace the Shimmer with RHSS ‘Turquoise’ as this subtly sparkled yarn is better suited to a girly ripple.


Thank you so much Karen for collecting all of this lovely yarn, and Pooh, for me. More yarn means more ripples for the kids!


P.S. I just realized that I didn’t mention that ball of light burgundy, over on the right edge. I love in-between colors like this, kind of burgundy/kind of rust! It’s Bernat Waverly ‘Incense’ (discontinued).

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2 Responses to Unexpected

  1. Bobbi says:

    How wonderful and those kids are in for some very pretty blankies!

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