Ripple #37 of 2015

All four colors I picked for this week’s ripple are Red Heart: RHSS ‘Shocking Pink’ and ‘Light Periwinkle’, both from Lisa of TN, Red Heart Classic ‘Pink’ from Ann of OK, and RHSS ‘White’.

696 QEZ-yarns

I seldom have equal amounts of all colors I want to include in a ripple, – seven ounces each, in this case – but when I do it’s tempting to simply go with an evenly-striped design.

696 QEZ-close

I’m surprised to find I’ve only done one other so far this year, #6 – “Inspired by a Scarf “.

628 close

What can I say. . . as uninventive as these ripples may be, I appreciate how QUICK they were to design. Just three EASY steps: #1. pick colors, 2. decide their order and 3. choose a stripe width. They were EASY to make too. . . no need to keep referring to notes or a complicated chart as every stripe has the same number of rows and the order of colors never changes. I love me a Quick and Easy Ripple!!

Quick and Easy

696 QEZ-full1

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2 Responses to Ripple #37 of 2015

  1. AnnB says:

    Interesting how where you put the colors makes such a striking blanket. If you had moved the blue (dark) to the end of the shocking pink (dark) and had it read blue, shocking pink, pink (light), white (light)…repeat…that would have made the blue not ‘fit.’ But being between the pinks and not next to the white works. Great eye. Squint….
    You must have a natural value filter. Red cellophane single or folded works great as an inexpensive value filter and you can make it any size you need. About 20 years ago when I was designing a scrap paper pieced log cabin quilt, I’d chosen my colors and fabrics and was putting it together, but it just looked off. I got out the value filter I’d made from a Valentine heart candy cellophane and a cardboard photo mat. When I viewed the fabrics, I could see I didn’t have a balanced ratio of lights, mediums and darks; or in the right places. Changed out a couple fabrics and I was back in business. It was stunning.

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