The Same, Only Different

In an earlier post, “Changes for the Better”, I talked about the great deals I recently found at my local Salvation Army thrift store: a granny afghan, two one-pound skeins of yarn and some toys – quite a nice little haul! –

I was pleasantly surprised when on my very next visit, I found another beautiful crocheted blanket!

697 SALS-blnkie

Here’s a close-up, if anyone wants to decipher the pattern.

697 blnkie close

40″ x 50″, it was marked $2.99, a bargain price for such a beauty. Yet, because it was a Tuesday, – 50% Sr. discount day, remember? – I got it for only $1.50. Yay!


I, once again, found YARN!!. . .

nine four-ounce skeins of vintage Wintuk acrylic.

Knowing that the olive is actually labeled as ‘Avocado’, and that I left several skeins of ‘Harvest Gold’, you can guess this yarn’s approximate age! – Another giveaway, it was distributed by the W.T. Grant Co./Grants dept. store. – But it must have been carefully stored for all these years because it is still clean and odor-free.

697 vintagehaul

Sal’s has recently changed its’ tagging – those blank little pink stickers now represent 79¢, or 2/99*, which means that, since I carefully selected an even number of skeins, with my discount I paid only 25¢ each!!

However, although I thoroughly investigated the Shrinky-Dink oven (with a blank white sticker – $3.99) and checked the Smithsonian Gummy Bug Lab (yellow – $1.99)* to see whether I could use its molds to recycle crayons, – I got excited over the idea of bug-shaped crayons, but, unfortunately, their many protruding parts would too easily have been broken –  I did not buy any toys this time. 😦

Still, finding both a blanket and yarn was wonderful!

* The entire range of Sal’s new sticker pricing for Bric-a-Brac, Crafts and Toys: pink = 79 or 2/99, blue 99, yellow 1.99, green 2.99, and white 3.99. Prices higher than 3.99 are handwritten on white stickers. IMO There aren’t nearly enough signs posted explaining this system, – like hunting for the few price scanners available among the shelves of most grocery stores – so I’ve noted it on an index card that I keep in my purse.

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4 Responses to The Same, Only Different

  1. AnnB says:

    Thanks for the share. I got to looking and you can DIY shrinky dinks from #6 plastic. Think containers of salad, vegetables, fruits, cookies. One person makes tiny jewelry labels for her work. I was thinking knitting or crochet markers. As in the size needle or hook used on a work in progress if the work gets separated from the hook/needles; and/or not using a pattern; or the size was changed to get gauge, etc.

    And great finds, too with the afghan and yarn. I too, I found a great find of pounds of acrylic paint in many barely used tubes of several sizes at my SAL’s the other day for $12.89 for all. I figured original cost was $200. or easily more. Still worth even used well over $100. Lucky me to have plenty to play with and have paint days with grandsons.

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