Within Shopping Distance

DH and I were passing near an ACMoore store so I took the opportunity to look for a second purple yarn to go with the Bernat Camouflage from yarn fairy Ann.

681 6-Camo

There wasn’t anything near the blue violet I was hoping for, but I think RHSS ‘Medium Purple’ will do.

696 PrpCamo+

– $1.79 with my one 40% off coupon for the day – Interesting to compare ACMoore’s regular price for RHSS of $2.99 to that of Jo-Ann’s $3.49. Hmmm.

Once in the store, you know I couldn’t help but look around a little. lol

Stitch Studio brand aluminum knitting needles were on sale for 40% off so I grabbed a few ten-inch sets of #7s and #8s. – $1.79 each – Unfortunately, I’m learning that Crochet Corner’s loaner needles and hooks don’t always get returned. oh well –

Then I noticed that some colors of Premier Yarn’s ‘Premier Home cotton BIG’ were marked down from $9.99 to $4.99! – BTW. . . It may be called ‘cotton BIG’ but it’s actually 15% polyester. – With Crochet Corner in mind, I chose ‘Turquoise’, ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Yellow’.

696 3 cttns

D. and I could knit alotta dishcloths with this, but I hope that when she sees these 12 to 14 ounce skeins she may feel inspired to knit something a little bigger. . .  maybe a dishtowel!?

While I was busy hunting down bargains, DH did his own bit to help fill out my charity stash (getting low on blues) by using his own 40% coupon to buy a skein of RHSS ‘Blue Suede’, a color I’ve never seen at Jo-Ann’s! pretty.

696 blue-suede

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4 Responses to Within Shopping Distance

  1. ACMoore is my very favorite!

    • What in particular do you love about ACMoore?

      I go to JoAnns most often only because she lets me use several coupons at once. But I like ACMoore and Michaels just as well.

      • ACMoore has the largest color selection of Vanna’s Choice, RHSS, and Caron Simply Soft in my area, and those are the three yarns I primarily use. They also offer a small but decent section of Bernat Super Value, which is a yarn I’ve started using as a more economical alternative to vc but with a softer hand than some of the RHSS skeins. So, I mainly prefer it because of selection. However, they also usually have one of those four brands on sale any given week. Plus – and here’s where the love gets really big – they give military a 15% off their total order every single day! As if those reasons aren’t good enough it also has more of a down home feel to me. There’s a woman named Faye that works in the yarn section that I have a kinship with. One time we stared at the wall of yarn for almost 10 minutes talking about how much we love yarn. Lol!

        Michaels and JoAnn are both right around the corner from me, and I really must remember the multiple coupon thing, but I usually make the 15-20 minute drive to ACM. I also have a Hancock Fabric. While their prices are a little higher, they carry some colorways in Vanna’s Choice that can’t be found elsewhere, and they often offer a 30% sale on their entire yarn section.

        I would love to score good deals like you, but the only time I found yarn at the thrift store was some thread they wanted $5 for. Maybe that’s why I love reading about all your thrifty adventures! That and my older sister and I would go yard saling when I was a teenager. She sure loved a deal. =-)

      • I’ve noticed that the selection of RHSS colors at JoAnns continues to shrink. I should compare next time I’m in my ACMoore.

        Chat with a fellow shopper, often, but with a store employee. . . can’t remember when that last happened. But now that you mention it, ACMoore does seem to have more staff out in the store’s aisles, not just behind the sales counter.

        Our Hancock closed several years ago. A Hobby Lobby – In my head it’s called “Holly Hobby”. lol – opened within the last couple of years, but I’ve never been.

        I wish you could score thrifty deals on yarn too!
        When gas prices shot up I quit yard saling as much. Just do the few all-town ones now.
        Several years ago I scored dozens of fresh skeins of RHSS for 50 cents each!! Boy, those were the days.

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