#40 of 2015

RHSS ‘Claret’, ‘Carrot’, ‘Gold’, ‘Cornmeal’, and ‘Soft White’

704 SRSS-close

Ombre* striping is very traditional for ripples, although not in this particular layout.

Fall Harvest

704 SRSS-full

* Ombre – having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark

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2 Responses to #40 of 2015

  1. Betty Lou says:

    Classic looking ripple, very nice. Does it take you long to plan/design the color a sequence or do you work it as you go? Amazing how they all come together.

    • Hi Betty Lou ~
      You might want to go get yourself a cup of coffee. . . and a snack, as my answer to your question is not a short one.

      It’s all about how much I have of each color yarn.
      I know that I usually get about 3 1/3 rows of ripple from an oz. of yarns similar to RHSS, so I like to start with at least 26 oz. for an 84-row blanket. Once I’ve weighed each of the colors I plan to include, I could enter the amounts in the Weighted Stripe Generator and let it design a striping pattern for me but I usually just mess around with the actual skeins and balls a little, like I showed in this old post, a casual way to tryout possible color line-ups. Then I scribble out a striping chart and check/re-check my math. Sometimes this comes together quickly, sometimes it takes a little longer. lol.

      Sometimes the math comes easy but the stripes don’t look so hot when I get to the crocheting. Then I rewrite my plan, like I did in “A False Start.”

      My “Scrandom” and “Scrimple” charting methods are always lots of fun, always time-consuming. Sometimes even more than usual.

      “Work it as you go” also works very well for scrap ripples! Lay out various colors of scrap balls enough for the next ten to fifteen rows. Rinse. Repeat. lol
      But even with “Work it as you go” a little forethought pays off. When I’ve only a small amount of a particular color that Really Stands Out I like to space it’s few rows out over the length of the blanket rather than obviously run out partway through.

      Thanks for hanging in there long enough to read my entire answer. Hope your coffee held out. 🙂

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