What. . . MORE Yarn!?

DH brought a box in from the front porch when he came home from work the other day. Our tricky mailman managed to slip another one by me!

705 1topw_letter

Sandi of MD tells me that her yarn fairies have been working overtime again, so she sent me some of her extras. She apologized, saying it’s “mostly scraps”. I bet not!

705 2 top-layer

Lots of neutral colors in the top layer,

705 2a-top-out

plus partial skeins of RHSS “Monet” and ‘Turquoise’,

705 3-monet&tq

– Funny, we just did the math for D’s shawl and found that we’re a tad short on ‘Monet’! –

and there’s one skein of Bernat Satin, ‘Denim Mist Heather’, which I may combine with what remains of the Satin that Melissa of GA sent me last December.

705 4Bernat-blu

Second layer –

705 5-2ndlayer

Oooooh, I see some dishcloth/washcloth cotton. . . eleven balls of it! –  mostly Sugar ‘n Cream.

705 6-cottons

Can’t wait to share this with D, who’s just about to start another cloth.

And here’s a second note. . .

705 7 note

” Thought you could include these cute little purses in with your lovely afghans for foster kids ” – Five cute little purses that are going to make some little foster girls very happy! –

705 7a-purses1

And yes, I already asked Sandi if she knew the pattern’s name. – Depending on what LA, who passes my blankets on to DCF, has to say, maybe I’ll crochet a few more cute little purses. After all, I do have a plentiful supply of cotton yarn.

There are also a few variegated yarns,

705 8-3vrgtd

including some Impeccable, in the same colorway as the skeins Karen of Virginia sent me last month, ‘Folklore’!

705 9-moreboyv

Still more goodies to come! Third layer –

705 10-layer3

A huge Ziploc of scrap balls.

705 11-scrps in

Must let them out to breathe!

705 12-scrps-out

Some of them coordinate quite well with the TLC Essentials ‘Persimmon’ and RH Classic ‘Teal’.

705 13-scraps+

Yet another note!

705 14-ano.note

“Maybe you can make DH a snazzy new pair of socks.”

Oh. My. Can you imagine DH wearing pink and red, glittery, or pink and purple socks?!?! lol. Sandi, I hope you won’t mind if I make myself a few pairs of snazzy fingerless mitts instead.

705 15-socks-The red is Loops N’ Threads luxury sock yarn, colorway ‘Spring Fling’, while the one above, with silver sparkles, is Fortissima Colori Disco Socka Color by Scholler + Stahl – My, that’s a mouthful! lol. –

I know the Pop’n Yarn name, but I don’t recognize any of these other yarns.

705 16-pop'n

Although the rose heather does remind me of a wool blend I once used. Think I’ll do a burn test on it, just to be sure of the fiber content.

Here’s a ripple “kit”. . .

705 17-woodsy

RHSS ‘Woodsy’ along with Bernat Aspen Soft in a frosty green,

plus some browns

705 18-wdsy+

and a few other neutrals, from layer one.

705 18a-wdsy++

Yes! That will make a very manly ripple.

How thoughtful of Sandi to send these nifty little containers, for my Perler beads.

705 19-perler

Well, my beads are already in little plastic thingies I found at Dollar Tree. But given some time to think, I’m sure that I’ll come up with the perfect use for these. –

And a drum roll please. . .

This is what ten-and-a-half pounds of yarny goodness look like. Woo-Whooo!!

705 20-all

And here it is, packed back into the box, ready for its’ trip to the attic.

705 21-rdytogo

It’s been such fun to go through my newest box of treasures with you, my dear readers, peeking over my shoulder. I look forward to showing you what I do with it all!

And thank you, Sandi, very much, for sharing your bounty – with me, the foster kids, and the Crochet Corner ladies.

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2 Responses to What. . . MORE Yarn!?

  1. Denise Byers says:

    If you’ll send me an address I would love to send some yarn. You can email me.

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