# 41 – A Sportweight Ripple

All of the yarn for this week’s ripple was provided by Ann of OK. – Thanks again, Ann!! – I started with the huge skeins of ‘Mint’ green and ‘Baby’ variegated,

681 12-mint-baby

to which I added multiple smaller skeins of sport white, – just ignore the peach and lavender –

681 14-pchwhlvndr

and a few partial skeins of yellow, pink and blue.

681 8-sportpstls

I chose the Eyelet Ripple pattern by Marie Segares,

707 TRD-close-up

same as I used for the baby blankets I crocheted during the summer of 2013.

With only eight dc per point, I think it’s scale is more appropriate for a baby blanket than the Rustic Ripple, which I usually change to have twenty dc.

707 TRD-mini ripple


This is the first in what I expect will be a long series of baby blankets. – Ann gave me alot of beautiful baby-appropriate yarn!


707 TRD-full view

Eighteen pattern repeats across (Beginning Chain of 171) and 77 rows long, it’s aprox. 36″ square and weighs 12 1/2 ounces. I used a size G hook.

Notes to self: For comparison, 2013’s ‘Fireworks,’ also 36″ square, weighed just ten ounces. That makes sense as it was mostly fingering weight yarns. Also done with size G hook – 18 pattern repeats, 74 rows.

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5 Responses to # 41 – A Sportweight Ripple

  1. BettyLou says:

    The pastels make a lovely baby blanket for an old fashion look.

  2. Ann says:

    So nice to see the yarn being used! And it’s beautiful, Linda!

  3. Love this! Inspired by your example, I made my first eyelet ripple back in July. I like the daintiness of this pattern and think it’s well suited for baby blankets. Most of the blankets I make are donated to charity through our local crochet group, Warm-up Montgomery County. We receive donations from local civic organizations and churches which we use to buy yarn. Every baby born in our local hospital receives a handmade blanket and hat from our group. We also make adult afghans, which are donated to local nursing homes, a kidney dialysis unit, and to chemo patients. Some of our ladies also make chemo hats. I prefer to mostly concentrate on making the blankets, because once I master a pattern, I don’t have to keep referring to a pattern. I like to listen to digital recorded books (free from our state library system) while I crochet. Here is a link to my first, only, but not last eyelet ripple: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/pekeapoomom/ripple-mania-eyelet-ripple

    • Thank You!
      Congratulations on completing your first eyelet ripple. I agree with you on the idea of mastering a few blanket patterns. It’s so nice to be able to crochet away without having to give any conscious thought to what stitch comes next. I’m listening to a good suspense thriller at the moment, a really good way for me to speed up a project. . . the faster the action, the faster my hook/needles move! lol.

      It’s wonderful that you’ve found a local group to crochet with – sounds like all those busy hooks are making a big impact in your area!

      Just back from a look through your many projects. Think I might just have to copy the color-scheme of your Water Under the Bridge Ripple. So Pretty, and all RHSS, so I can probably do it from my charity stash! Yippee!!

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