Ripple #43 is for a Raffle

Crochet Corner recently received some donations. . .

misc. yarn,

709 yarn-dntn

a lovely crocheted shawl,

709 shawl

and a large ripple. . .

so large I can’t lay it out flat on the driveway “photo carpet”.

709 ripple blnkt

Ellen, the nursing home’s Rec. Dept. director, suggested I hold an informal raffle as a way to decide which of the three Crochet Corner regulars would get the shawl and blanket. Since I couldn’t stand the thought of someone leaving without a prize, I set aside a scrap ripple, #35 – “Peaches & Raspberries” for a third raffle prize.

691 PKP-full

But before I got around to weaving in all the little popped-out yarn tips on that donated ripple, S joined us in the Crochet Corner. . .

Now I needed a fourth prize!

Easy enough to make another ripple with yarns from the Crochet Corner stash and a little 3-ounce skein of Wintuk ‘Juicy Red’ from Karen of MA,

711 PSN yarns

plus – a last-minute addition –  some pale pinks from my scrap box.

711 PSN closeR

Boy, did I hurry to finish this, not only so B will stop asking, “What happened to that blanket you were going to raffle?”, but also so we can hold the raffle before someone else joins our group, requiring yet another raffle prize!

Guava Juice

711 PSN full

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2 Responses to Ripple #43 is for a Raffle

  1. Donna says:

    It’s amazing how fast you crochet! 🙂

    • I’ve made this ripple so many times over the years, it seems to almost crochet itself! – Oh, how I wish that were true. lol –
      I timed myself a while back. They still take me at least ten hours, depends on how quickly I choose a striping pattern.

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