Little Blankets

I’ve been working on lap robes and baby ripples as well as my regular-sized ripples since dear yarn fairies, Ann and X, shared their wealth of sport

681 16-ALL

and dk weight yarns with me this summer.

692 22-all yarn

You’ve only seen the one baby ripple, “Traditional”, so far.

707 TRD-full view

As I catch up with weaving in yarn ends and taking photos, I’ll be posting two or three little blankets at a time. This week it’s two Giant Granny Square lap robes. Like my baby ripples, they’re about 36″ square.

Why lap robes? When I spoke with Linda, in housekeeping, about donating some of my little afghans to the nursing home where I volunteer, she mentioned that lap robes and shawls are much more practical for wheelchair-bound residents. Good to know!

I used my first lap robe to find out how far two skeins of J.C. Brett Marble, in this case colorway MT 30, would go.

692 1-2-#30

I got a granny square 21″ across

711 LB-1

to which I added the Red Heart Designer Sport “Brick” that Sandi of MD sent in June.

711 LB-1w_rst

To make that section a little more interesting, I followed every third round of granny clusters with a round of single crochet.

711 LB-rst clsThe brown border is one round of granny clusters and one round of plain double crochet.


711 LB-rst

Next I combined colorway MT25,

692 3-2-#25

with three solid reds from old stash.

711 LB-ocls

The brightest red is Sears Renee Sport. . .  like I said, old stash! It’s label reads, “Renee Yarn did not pill even after 160 machine washings and drying; did not stain even when spotted with permanent ink, butter, catsup, mustard, grape juice, lipstick, mineral oil, and chocolate, then washed as recommended on this label.” Kinda makes you wish that it hadn’t been discontinued eons ago, doesn’t it?

Red Hot

711 LB-o

My sincere thanks to yarn fairy X for giving me the chance to play with these beautiful gradient yarns!

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3 Responses to Little Blankets

  1. Donna says:

    Wow! Love the Marbles!

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