Happy Halloween!

I crocheted some pumpkin pins to share with folks at the nursing home.


It was so much fun to run around offering them to everybody – residents and visitors alike. Silly pins really bring out the smiles!

My thanks to Laura at lovethebluebird for her easy-to-follow crochet pumpkin tutorial. Maybe next year I’ll get my act together early enough to make a matching pumpkin garland to decorate the Crochet Corner!

Tired after completing the arduous task of writing a 62-word-long Halloween post, – lol – I easily fell to the temptation of looking through Laura’s older posts. Here’s a short-cut to the ones labeled ‘crochet’. You might want to get yourself a cup of coffee, and snack, before starting. It will take awhile to skim 80 posts.

My favorite finds of the day. . .

About a year ago, not finding anything in the stores that she wanted to buy – Haven’t we all been there!? – Laura made herself a new kitchen rug by crocheting with unbleached cotton yarn over a 2″ wide strip of tarn (t-shirt yarn). I love the way the yarn mutes the bright colors. There are many BRIGHTLY COLORED t-shirts to be had at Sal’s. I’d like to see how this would look done with a dark colored yarn.

Found another photo tutorial for a crocheted rug, (no captions) one made with what I think is #3 crochet cotton worked over narrower strips of tarn. This combination gives a completely different look. You notice the color of the thread far more than that of the tarn. BTW – the tutorial covers how to go about changing colors of tarn.

This technique can also be adapted to create coiled bowls. These were made by single crocheting rainbow yarn over rainbow roving.

Laura’s Spring Bunny might be a good choice for next year’s Crochet Corner Easter pins.

I really like the looks of this crocheted shower scrubby. It would make a nice gift, especially when paired with a crocheted – or knitted – washcloth! I can’t access that particular pattern but, hopefully, I’ll be able find another for something similar. . .

Maybe one of these: A Rose for Mother, the Tawashi Scrubber or the 4″ Scrubbie that’s part of the Citrus Splash Kitchen Set.

O.K. That was fun, but it’s time I get back to work. . . Tomorrow is November first, which means Christmas will be here sooner than I care to think about.

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2 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing the crochet over tarn rug links. I used to think it would be difficult, but now that I’ve had enough crochet experience, viewing the examples and tutorial, I can see it would be simple enough to figure out.

    For the scrubbies. I could never get the hang of using washing puffs and haven’t used a washcloth for bathing for years, since I discovered shower gloves. I even have a travel pair…and give them as gifts. Wash/condition my hair, then don the gloves, a squirt of shower gel, then wash from face to toes with ease. Nothing to drop or have to transfer from one hand to the other. Rinse and pop back in the shower organizer to drip dry. FYI, I don’t use the gloves on the privy area, however.
    Example: http://www.amazon.com/Swissco-Bath-Shower-Exfoliating-Glove/dp/B0000WURP6

    • You’re welcome. Look forward to you sharing your tarn/crochet project with us!

      I can see now that my wording wasn’t as clear as it could have been. . .
      When I referred to finding “a good substitute” I meant a pattern for a similar scrubbie, not an alternative to washcloths and scrubbies. Happy that those gloves work for you, but they’re not what I was looking for.

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