A First

Sandy with a Y*, of the Washington D.C. area, is the first of my yarn fairies to use a Space Bag as a way to fit more yarn in a box. Clever Girl!

714 2-spacebag

Taped to the bag, a photograph of a very handsome cat!

714 1-open-box

Based on the note written on its back, my guess is that his name is Milo.

714 2-note

Oh, Milo ~ you do know the way to Miss Emily’s heart. She loves these little catnip-scented mice and will play with your gift until the tail and ears go missing!

As Sandy had promised, there’s plenty of red, green and white, just in time for Christmas ripples. I immediately recognized RHSS ‘Paddy Green’ and ‘Cherry’, while the lightest red looks alot like Simply Soft.

714 4-csms

The darkest red (far left) is Lion Brand Homespun ‘Candy Apple’. A have a special box in the attic where I collect Homespun, which is too heavy to be combined with RHSS. Because of its construction, a loose single-ply wrapped with a fine binder, almost a boucle, I don’t want to crochet with it on its own, either, but I’ve seen some beautiful wraps and afghans knitted and even woven from it!

The very large ball of white (far right) is thinner than RHSS, possibly Pound of Love? This is great, because I need more white to use in combination with the many sportweight yarns from Ann of OK! That small skein of dark green sitting on top the white is also a sport yarn, Bernat Magic ‘Hunter’.

Moving on. . .

I could easily turn this into a couple of ombre ripples!

714 5-ombreLeft to right: RHSS ‘Claret’, ‘Burgundy’, ‘Magenta’, variegated ‘Candy Print’ and ‘Petal Pink’.

Next, a nice mix of cool colors in various weights. pretty

714 6-cools

I love mysteries!

714 7- mystery

“Oh, it’s Coats & Clarks Luster Sheen!” she says, reading from the label in an attempt to sound like she knows what she’s talking about. lol

714 8-lstrshn

This is a wonderfully smooth-feeling yarn made of 100% Creslan Acrylic. I’m sure that a little research in Ravelry will help me come up with just the right project for it.

And here’s a look at the entire collection.

714 9-all

Eleven pounds of yarn, on its way from yarn fairy Sandy in Washington D.C. to various charities by way of Linda’s hands and alottastitches.


*Sandi, with an I, is in MD. Gotta keep my yarn fairies straight!. . . which is a very funny statement coming from me, who has been calling Sandy “Karla” for the last week. Even wrote KDC, for Karla of D.C., on all the yarn labels. sigh

My lame excuse – had two new yarn fairies pm me on the same day and my tired brain combined them into one?

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4 Responses to A First

  1. Lustersheen is very heavy when worked. I made a shawl from it and it must weigh 5 lbs. LOL Try carrying it along with Homespun or Fun Fur to make it easier to see where to put the hook. I did a Fun Fur scarf years ago with it and it worked great.

    • What a Good idea!! – combining a plain yarn with Homspun or Fun Fur.

      The Lustersheen seems very strong, so I was considering something like a mesh market bag.

      But then I came across this shawl done on BIG needles, alternating a row knit with thin yarn- They used Crochet Cotton #3. – and a row done in something bulky, LB Homespun, possibly. Think a shawl of only half Lustersheen would still be too heavy? ?

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