Zig-Zagged Grannies

The joining process is going very well!

713 1-zig-zag join

Conscious of how BOLD an ecru join would be against these dark colors, and that these are only three-round squares, smaller than those in the other two blankets on which I’ve used the zig-zag join. . .

– The Thrifty Granny

382 A-flathad six-round squares

155 granny squares and yarns

and the Variegated Granny squares were

653 full-view

five rounds. –

643 2 - granny sqs

I decided to use only two chains, instead of my usual three, in this blanket’s join. I hope this change of one little stitch per zig or zag will result in a better balance between squares (darks) and lattice (light).

I’m nearly done with the cross-wise joins.

713 2-nearly-halfway

My work seems to have passed inspection so far!

713 3-emily

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2 Responses to Zig-Zagged Grannies

  1. It’s coming along! I like it! Have you done an entry about how you do your zig zag join?

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