#45 – How Ironic

The results of the Crochet Corner raffle were incredible. Although she had 3 chances out of 4 of winning a ripple, B, who wanted one more than any of the other ladies, instead won the shawl!  We all groaned on her behalf, but no one holding a ripple volunteered a trade.

709 shawl

A bit of a sore loser, B immediately handed the shawl back to me! I asked if she wanted to give it to one of that day’s drop-in visitors and she pulled the name of the shawl’s happy new winner.

A little later, while she was out of the room getting coffee, I suggested to the other ladies that I make B a ripple of her own. Everyone agreed, so I quickly pulled all the pink and purple yarns, – her favorite colors – plus some black and white, from the Crochet Corner stash bin and concealed them in the bag that had held the raffle prizes.



Once home, I added purple scraps, which include a very dark purple chenille, plus two partial skeins of bright rose: natura Deluxe Acrylic ‘Azalea’ from Karen of VA and an unlabeled one from Sandi of MD.

My striping sequence is – 2 rows pink, 1 darker purple, 1 lighter purple, 1 white – then – 2 rows pink, 1 darker purple, 1 lighter purple, 1 black – except where I did otherwise. lol


I think B will like it.

B’s Ripple


Notice that the two ends match. . . sortof.

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5 Responses to #45 – How Ironic

  1. I think B is going to really like her ripple!

  2. Ann says:

    Yeah, I’d have preferred a blanket, too. She might consider shawls as being “old lady,” and most of us consider ourselves a young person in an old body. And since she would not have used it, it was pointless to keep it. Or she simply prefers a blanket to something to be in her way on her shoulders.
    This afghan has two ends, so she can decide which end pleases her most to be on her lap to enjoy on any particular day or time of day. Very nice. And very generous of you to go ahead and make her what she desperately wanted. At that age who wants lessons on sportsmanship? Ha!
    Wish I could be a mouse/bird in the corner to see her expression when she receives this.

  3. Donna says:

    Very pretty blanket! She will love it! So nice of you…:)

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