Crocheted another of Stephanie Gage’s Seaside Totes. (Made my previous one in 2011!)


This took just half a skein (7 ounces) of that cotton I found clearance-priced at Michaels, a couple of months ago.

696 3 cttns

I could hardly wait for the next Crochet Corner Show and Tell to find out how well it might work for folks in wheelchairs. Not Bad, it turns out.


– I followed my project notes and lengthened the straps just like I did on my first one – duh – completely unnecessary, if you’re going to hang it from a wheelchair. –

One of the aides commented how much nicer these would be if lined. I agree, lined would be better,


but I’m much more excited about crocheting several more totes than I am about digging out a sewing machine and looking for coordinating fabric to line even one!

Thought it would be fun to use a little of the cotton yarns that Sandi of MD sent me, as accents. This one, by Sugar ‘n Cream, is called ‘Fairy Tale’.


Love the way it looks with solid yellow.


I plan to put another row of variegated near the top.

Hmmm. On second thought, maybe ‘Fairy Tale’ actually came from the Crochet Corner stash, cuz here are the two batches I received from Sandi.

670 7-cottons


705 6-cottons

Hey – Looks like I have enough there for at least Solid Red, Yellow with White, and Blue with White totes! cool

Speaking of “Totes”. . .

look at the one I recently found at Sal’s. . .


quite appropriate, I thought, for “The Yarn Lady”, how the nursing home’s receptionist referred to me the other day.

P.S. Do any of you have much experience with washing items made of Sugar ‘n Cream yarn? Somewhere I read that the red and black, in particular, are notorious for bleeding, which made me wonder about the other colors. Think I’d be taking a Big Risk by combining, let’s say, the Emerald Green and Canary yellow?

On the inside of the label, under the free pattern, Lily does warn, “Wash colors separately. SOME COLORS MAY RUN.”

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5 Responses to Totes

  1. So many things to comment on, but I don’t have much time to chat. You are definitely going to want to set your cotton colors. The best way to do that? No clue. Something about vinegar baths or salt baths, but I’m not sure about the process or exact recipe. I did do a vinegar bath once with a project that had red in it, but I really don’t remember how that worked out.

    I can’t wait to see all the different bags, and how you’ll solve the bleeding problem, because you are amazing!

  2. Ann says:

    I found this.

    Be sure to check the comments below the vinegar dye bath tutorial.

  3. I’ve had the Dark Blue in Sugar n Cream bleed a over white on me in the past.

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