Ripple #46 – Inspired by. . .

Ravelry is a fantastic place for discovering wonderful color combinations that I’d never think up on my own! For example, go check out the gorgeous colors of Champsmom’s “Baby Sanders’ Stripe It Rich”.

A special thanks to my yarn fairies for being able to create my own ripply version. I couldn’t have done it without their gifts: RHSS ‘Turqua’ from Lisa of TN, ‘Cornmeal’ from Sandi of MD (2014) and an anonymous ball from Karen of MA, which I’m calling ‘olive’ although I suspect it’s another of RHSS’ many greens.

718 STP-closeL

The ‘Pale Green’ is also RHSS. While the deep red, ‘Cranberry’, is Woolworth’s knitting yarn and the deep peach is ‘Cantaloupe’ SOFTelle by Carrousel. I think that’s everybody; this is a very colorful blanket.

Yipes, Stripes!


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10 Responses to Ripple #46 – Inspired by. . .

  1. Ann says:

    Now that looks like the colors one of my daughter’s in law would love. She said no pinks for new granddaughter due in December. And she favors the peach and aquas. A little baby blanket in those stripes would be perfection. Now to check my stash. Ha! Might just start with a car seat blanket size.

    • Have you started the blanket yet?
      Wondering which colors you ended up putting with the peach and aquas DIL wants.

      • Ann says:

        I online ordered from Walmart the colors I didn’t have that you used. I don’t get out that way often enough to search for the colors I want. Although I must say, I noticed last month and today that our local store has a great selection of RHSS yarns. The elusive Turqua is well stocked of late. The box came Thursday morning when I was extremely busy with getting ready for dinner guests.

        My house was a shambles and has been for the better part of the year. It’s much better now. Now to declutter the poor guest room in addition to mending/repairs, put back together some of that stuff so that stuff doesn’t migrate back into the rest of the house and my sewing room.

        Several bags and boxes when to St. Vinnie today.

        Now I will get those yarns put in the project bag so I can crochet that teeny blanket when I sit to rest. Two weeks……..

      • Glad you were able to get the colors you wanted! Sometimes it’s just easier to order on-line.

        I’ve been collecting bags and boxes in the hallway to take to the little thrift store in town. Hoping to get that done tomorrow afternoon.
        Or at least move them into my car! lol.

      • Ann says:

        I started, but according to how my monitor reads this and your colors, it doesn’t match with the yarn colors I do have and ordered (arrived) to yours. The monitor shows the cornmeal to have a orange pink tinge to it….almost more cantaloupe. Ha!

        However, I noticed the color I see on my monitor for this blanket’s cantaloupe RHSS carrot may be very similar. Or Caron One Pound persimmon. So I ordered both. I’ll have more stash colors to choose from if nothing else.
        And also ordered RHSS Honeydew for the discontinued RHSS Pale Green. And already received Caron’s Pale Green. On my monitor your pale green has a blue quality. I have a few light greens in RHSS and baby yarn boucle, that might work. Will wait for the order to arrive before I continue. Will have to spend an afternoon crocheting it to make it before she arrives, unless she is early, then she’ll have it for an Xmas gift.

        It will likely not be exact, but then what in life is. It will be great when it’s done. And I’ll send you the photo to post if that’s OK. Another “inspired by.”

      • Sounds frustrating but I’m sure that you’ll eventually find a color combo that you’re really happy with.
        My colors didn’t match the originals and yours may not match mine but, happily, that won’t keep all three blankets from looking wonderful!

        YES – I’d love to post your blanket photo!!

  2. Ann says:

    Oh, my. I must say your version is, to me, far superior to the inspired coloration. I much prefer this in crochet; and green in place of the brown. And now to find the colors you have in baby yarn….I seriously doubt my baby yarn stash is adequate. But one of each color would be enough for a home and travel blanket, and perhaps a hat and sweater. Probably getting way ahead of my time at least until after Christmas.

  3. Karen says:

    Beautiful! What a gorgeous color combination!

  4. Donna says:

    Love the color combination! Good job!

  5. Haha! Yipes, Stripes! I love it!

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