Wanted – Larger Potholders, not Mats

Once I recovered from the euphoria of having conquered the challenges of my new mat loom, I realized that weaving 13 x 18″ mats. . .

720 11-2ndmat

is a Huge Leap from weaving 5″ square potholders! lol

701 9-B-onedone

BTW – From now on, I’m going to refer to these little potholders as “Mug Rugs” – coasters, in other words.


I’m relieved that we will no longer be calling these “potholders” because the instructions that come with those little looms say, “Pot holders created for decorative use only.”. . . Kind of makes you wonder if they would melt if actually used on something HOT straight from the oven, doesn’t it?!

I think 100% cotton potholders in a larger size will be a good intermediary weaving project for the Crochet Corner ladies. – I surveyed Etsy and 8 1/2″ handwoven potholders seem to be the most popular size. –

Getting larger loopers isn’t a problem, since we can make our own, but we also need larger looms.*

DH is willing to build them, but I’d like to do as much of this project on my own as I can. So, for the last three weeks I’ve watched at Sal’s for square wooden picture frames of about ten inches. The few I’ve come across have either had weak corner joints or been made of something other than wood, like plastic or composite board. The worst turned out to be cardboard. sigh.

Then, one night, I went into a far corner of the attic for something and, literally, stumbled upon my small collection of picture frames. Ah, HA!


I remember buying this frame with the idea of replacing the bathtub print with a small primitive hooked design that I have yet to make. I’m going to trust that the universe will supply me with another frame when that time comes, maybe even a nicer one, – two of this one’s mitered corners are slightly off – and I will turn this one into a potholder loom!

It’s a little bigger than I’d wanted, 12 1/8″, but if I put the nails as close to the frame’s inner edge as I can it will, I think, turn out potholders of about 8 3/4″.  Yay!

Since this means I’ll need to nail into the mere 3/16″ thick lip of wood that overhangs the glass, DH is gluing in tiny slats of hard maple as reinforcement. Time-consuming, yes, but not as time-consuming as making an entire frame.


I’m going to continue watching for appropriate frames at Sal’s because, if this loom works well, I need three more just for the Crochet Corner ladies who already weave. . . and I’m hoping that new and improved potholder looms will entice others to come join us.

*If you would also like to weave larger potholders, but don’t want to try making a loom, you can buy one, here. Comes with enough cotton loops to weave two large potholders.

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2 Responses to Wanted – Larger Potholders, not Mats

  1. I loved making potholders as a kid, but we never had enough loops. Of course they were about 4 inches square, making them far too small to be practical. I solved that problem by sewing four of them together. My mom had it for years.

    • Clever you to think of sewing 4 together.
      If only you’d known about making your own loops from t-shirts!

      “too small to be practical” and yet we’ve been making these things since the 30’s!! lol.
      I think that tells us two things: #1, Those sock manufacturers must have had a fantastic marketing campaign., and #2, Weaving potholders is lots of FUN!.

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