Bargain Hunting

You probably think I’m going to talk about Black Friday specials, but no. . .

I’ve been having a blast taking advantage of after-Halloween markdowns!

A few days after the holiday I was still able to get a few Trick-or-Treat pails at the grocery store for half-off – 50 cents each. They’ll be filled with non-candy goodies and given out at next year’s Halloween party for foster kids.

723 2a few pails

A couple of weeks later, I stopped in at a CVS store to get eggs, on sale for $1.99/dozen. Seeing that their discount on Halloween goods had risen to 90%, I grabbed the few remaining pails. They happen to have blinking lights in their handles! – 49 cents each (regularly $4.99)

723 3pails

and got a few more at a second store, both on my way from the nursing home to Sal’s.

723 4pails

It occurred to me that there is a CVS store very close to where DH works and, a couple of days later, that we could hit yet another while out on an errand.

723 5pails

Then DH offered to come home from work by a different route than usual.

723 6pails

Altogether we gathered 73 Jack O’Lantern pails. I’m very happy almost all of them stack – means they’ll take up less space in the attic! Who knows if the blinking lights will still work by the time Halloween 2016 gets here. . .  If not, the pails themselves are very nice.

I may have also grabbed a few goodies to go in the pails. . .  red plastic vampire teeth and silly wind-up bloodshot eyeballs.

723 7teeth & eyes

These little goody bags are just the right size to hold a couple of cookies at the nursing home’s Bake Sale next fall.

723 goodybags

And as a little treat for nursing home residents and their guests, I grabbed two 11 oz. bags of fun size M&Ms. Thankfully, the packaging isn’t at all Halloweeny.

723 M&Ms

DH and I may have sampled a few. You understand. . . for quality assurance. – 46 cents a bag.

Wish we’d found more of these,

723 Bingo pumpkins

Nice bingo prizes for only 29 cents!

And for DH and I, a wreath. Thinking it’s too delicate for outdoors, I hung it on the inside of our front door. – $1.49

723 1wreath

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2 Responses to Bargain Hunting

  1. I love how you plan ahead. Enjoy the holidays.

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