What a Ride

I had planned to finish up two other posts that I had started for this week. Instead, I’m going to tell you about the roller coaster ride that I’ve been on. Sunday evening I went on-line to learn a little more about the Handweavers Guild of CT, but soon found myself meandering around the web, as I love to do. I was thrilled to discover a pair of the cutest little weaving looms (scroll down to the eighth photo – “Leclerc Initiation Floor Loom”) for sale at a fantastic price – one for $100 or both for $150!

Immediately, I thought of the Crochet Corner ladies. A 32″ loom is wide enough for someone in a wheelchair to use, yet small enough that finding a place for it at the nursing home should be easy. – Ellen chose what we agree is the perfect spot, an alcove next to the “corner store” which the Rec. Dept. created after the hospital auxiliary’s store closed this summer. (This tiny shop, made up of a jeweler’s display case and a couple of waist-high bookshelves, provides personal care products, snacks and small gifts to the residents at low, low prices.) –

Now I said “A 32″ loom”, singular, because, thinking the Rec. Dept. might not have gobs of $$ available, I figured I would buy both, get reeds for them and then sell one through Craigslist, hopefully for at least a small profit that could go for shuttles and a reed hook. So you can imagine my surprise when Ellen said, “Got for it, Linda, buy ’em!” lol.

Unfortunately, her excitement waned when I told her that the best price I could find for a 32″ reed is $58, 2/$121 with shipping, nearly doubling the looms’ cost to $271. Still a really good deal, but more than she is prepared to pay.

Too bad cuz the second loom would have come with a loaner reed that we would return once we’ve woven off the 4 yards of FREE pine green warp already set up for a lace pattern of some kind. This would have gotten the ladies weaving immediately while also giving me more time to shop around for reeds. – Oh, I haven’t yet mentioned that I placed an ad in Ravelry for used reeds. I doubt whether buying used will make enough difference in $$ to take us back up to two looms, but savings is savings. No response to that ad yet. –

Having both looms would also have allowed me to bring one home so DH could more easily custom-build a shuttle shelf, a clever loom accessory that I’ve been researching on-line, which would be a big help to both S, who because of a stroke has use of only one arm, and M, who has arthritis in her hands. Unfortunately, the only shuttle shelves I’ve found for sale are meant for Saori looms, which come 24″ or narrower. Oh, well. We wouldn’t be ordering one even if they made 32″ long ones, as they sell for $179. gulp

DH will still make the shuttle shelf. It will just take a little longer as he’ll have to run back and forth to the nursing home as he figures things out.

This afternoon the roller coaster ride continues. . .

DH called me from work, “Would there be any advantage to our buying the second loom? It would be a shame to pass up such an opportunity!” I laughed out loud because much the same thought had flitted around in my head! I had been blissfully imagining myself as the nursing home’s “resident weaver”, going over one or two non-Crochet Corner afternoons to work on play with a larger project, – There seems to be a never-ending need for shawls and lap robes. – maybe something a little more complex that could inspire my ladies to try a new technique. So the advantage to buying the 2nd loom is that I’ll get to weave on it and, if I can keep it at the nursing home, I won’t even have to move our furniture around to make room! lol.

Woo-Who0! Thank You, Santa.

Ellen and I plan to go get the looms next Tuesday. Considering all the changes in plans that have taken place in the last three days, – – Buy 2 looms: 1 for the nursing home, 1 to sell – buy 2 looms for the nursing home, get a 4 yard warp for free – buy one loom for the nursing home with no warp – and the latest, buy 2 looms: 1 for the nursing home, 1 for Linda – – who knows what will have happened by then.

P.S. I went to the nursing home on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons this week so a couple of the ladies would have more opportunity to work on Christmas projects. B is making a no-sew fleece blanket, similar to this one, – 99¢ at Sal’s – for her DGD and she, S and I are all weaving large potholders as fast as we can. Visitors and nursing home employees seem to love buying them for Christmas gifts!

P.P.S. DH received this year’s Adopt-a-Family Christmas Wishlists in his office mail. I have until Monday Dec. 14th to crochet Pretend Food for a 3-year-old girl. What a FUN Challenge!

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One Response to What a Ride

  1. Donna says:

    Wow! What fun those looms will be for everyone! Keep us posted!

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