Crocheted nine Oreo cookies for Lucy, the 3-year-old who asked Santa for some pretend food.

727 Oreos

They passed both DH and Emily’s scrutiny,

727 w:Emily

so I took them to Crochet Corner. – That’s S’s potholder production line in the foreground. We named this particular color combinaton “At the Beach” –

727 CroCrnr

The ladies watched as I fooled Ellen. . .”Hey, Ellen! I made some Oreo cookies that are both low-calorie and high fiber. Would you like to try one?” She in turn fooled one of the aides, who took off down the hall to try it on her workmates. No one suspects a thing when you present fake cookies in an ordinary little plastic storage container!

We sure got alotta laughs out of a few yards of brown and white acrylic yarn!

On the way home, I ran into CVS for milk and noticed that these little boxes of Oreos were on sale for only a dollar. Perfect!

728 little Oreo box

Just enough real Oreos to hand out the next time the Crochet Corner meets, as a way to make up for my tomfoolery and I can turn the empty box into a label for Lucy’s crocheted ones.

I’ve finished making a Strawberry Ice Cream Cone from this pattern. Quite realistic, don’t you think?

727 strwbry cone

It’s rather top-heavy because of that Big scoop of ice cream. To make it a little less likely to topple over, I put a hard plastic disc cut from a yogurt lid in the bottom and then added a couple of tablespoons of aquarium gravel.

Chocolate and Vanilla cones are on the way.

Um, what else did I want to tell you?

OH. . . Used reeds in 3 different gauges are on their way here from Kathy of Michigan. Expect them to arrive on Tuesday, same day Ellen and I intend to go get the looms. So far that day’s weather forecast looks great for hauling looms in an open bed pickup. Let’s hope it doesn’t change, cuz my car can easily carry one, but fitting in both would be very challenging!

The donated box of weaving yarns arrived at the nursing home just in time for this week’s Show & Tell. – Thank you, Cathy of CT! – The Crochet Corner ladies had fun dreaming up appropriate projects. B suggested we use a somewhat rough-feeling grey Donegal tweed to make a scarf for her ex – “so it will pick and itch his neck forever!!” lol.

That catches us up for the moment. Must get back to my hook and yarn.

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