Lucy. . . Dinner’s Ready!

Finished crocheting pretend food Saturday evening, which left us one day to work on the labels DH had already started. We did pretty good! DH printed the last one at around 7:30 Sunday night.

He delivered our “Build – A – Burger” – The Biggest Burger in town – to Santa’s elves on Monday morning.

729 burger

Ingredients: Four-ounces Wholesome USDA Beef and a Slice of American Cheese. . . with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, pickles. . . and a sesame bun!

In case any of you want to crochet a cheeseburger of your own, here are the changes I made:

The corners on the slice of cheese (a simple dc square made according to  the “Cheeseburgers and Fries” pattern – link in previous post) curled in a most annoying way, with two corners going up and two down, so I replaced it with a “Simple Solid Granny Square,” which lays smooooth. – I don’t think I’ve ever before done a granny with a triple crochet st in the corners. –

I also made a new lettuce leaf because, imho, the first one’s ruffling made it far too thick. Started with a plain 3-round dc circle, then added a slightly ruffled edging – alternate (4 dc in a st of previous round, sc in next) – with – (3 dc in a st, sc in next).

Don’t forget the sesame seeds! – scattered short stitches of cream.

Of course, with a burger there have to be fries. . . Hot & Crispy “Happy Fries” made from 100% real potatoes  – as well as cookies and ice cream.

729 snacks

The little red box the fries are in started with the pattern, but I improvised to get a curved upper edge. The yellow line is embroidered chain-stitch.

“Crochet Oreo Cookies” are very easy to make, thanks to Harlean Greathouse’s excellent pattern.

And for the ice cream cones I followed FullOfStitches‘ mods for Normalynn Hood’s pattern, “Ice Cream and Multi-colored Ice Cream”.

The giant-sized scoops of ice cream make these rather top-heavy, so I put a hard plastic disc, cut from a cottage cheese lid, in the bottom and then added a couple of tablespoons of aquarium gravel before stuffing. They’re a lot less likely to topple over now!

Next –

I go with Ellen to get the two floor looms tomorrow morning. It’s raining, so I’ve packed a couple of tarps, some light rope and a few old bath towels, just in case. Let’s hope it’s going stop in plenty of time, as the forecast says it will!

Then, tomorrow night, DH and I go to pick up a “Contractor size garbage bag” full of yarn from someone’s front porch about half an hour from here. I answered an ad in the Good Neighbor column of Thanksgiving Day’s newspaper which offered free yarn to charity groups. Just heard back from the wonderfully generous woman yesterday. She would like for me to pick the yarn ASAP. . .  so she’ll have room to set up her Christmas tree. lol.

What a tremendous surprise, and just in time for Christmas! Can’t wait to show the Crochet Corner ladies. We’ll have fun going through it.

DH brought home six boxes that once held reams of paper. I can’t help but wonder if that will be enough. Just how big IS “a contractor’s bag”? ? ? . . . According to Google about 3′ x 4′ and holds around 45 gallons, the equivalent of three or four tall kitchen bags. Wonder where Ellen’s going to put it all?

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6 Responses to Lucy. . . Dinner’s Ready!

  1. Ann says:

    Maybe a bookcase for open shelving of the yarn, unless that would not be prudent. Some residential homes have ‘kleptomaniacs’ Ha! who think anything not pinned down, belongs to them, although it doesn’t always make it to ‘their’ room. Again, it’s free yarn, so if the residents who love it and move it around, who cares?

    Little one is going to love her play food. It’s fabulous. The presentation is fantastic.

    • At the moment, the corner where the looms will sit is filled with boxes from Christmas decorations. – Rec. Dept. decorates the entire facility, so there’s quite a pile of them! – Once they’re gone, I’ll be able to figure something out. Hoping there might be some space for yarn in the kitchen-style cabinets that line the back wall.

      Yeah, unfortunately, everything has to be kept under lock and key. We’re careful to lock the storage closet (no room in there for yarn!) whenever we’re going to be out of the room. While this yarn was free, it would not be free to replace. Let’s hope if someone walks away with any yarn it’s the coarse acrylic from the 70’s that we’re so often given, not the recently arrived weaving yarn on cones! lol

      Thank You! DH and I are quite pleased with how everything turned out. It’s always fun to collaborate with him on a project like this. We enjoy bouncing ideas off each other while we work, he at the computer and I with hook and yarn.

  2. Donna says:

    Lucy is going to love her food! Can’t wait to see how the looms look and work.

    • I hope so!! 🙂

      The looms are both still folded up. One’s in my hallway, the other at the nursing home.
      We’re waiting for the used reeds to arrive from MI. No further updates since they left Warrendale, PA on Monday morning. Even with Christmas packages, that seems a long time! Guess I’d better call.

  3. Adorable! !!!! And you packaged everything so nicely! I think I must have a really old printer, because I know there’s no way it would handle such projects. That little girl is going to love her new play foods!

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