Here’s how big a contractor’s garbage bag full of yarn is.

730 bag

– Our little dolly, folded and tucked beneath the plywood “floor”, which lays atop my car’s wheel wheels, will come in handy for hauling the bag into the nursing home! Heading there later this afternoon. –

Think six paper boxes will hold all the yarn?

730 boxes

I threw a slighter larger box, an oddball that won’t stack nicely with the rest, in my front seat, just in case.

Story behind this yarn. . . an aunt of yarn fairy Patty, the lady who placed the ad, once owned a yarn shop. When the shop closed X years ago all the leftover yarn was put into a shed. It stayed there until the aunt recently died. Others in the family would rather just throw it all away and be done with it! – but Patty is determined to find new homes for it. She warned me that she may contact me again after Christmas.

I’m curious to see what condition the yarn is in. I think I caught a whiff of Febreeze when DH threw the bag into the car. ? ?

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2 Responses to THIS Big

  1. Ann says:

    Could definitely have a musty odor to it if it’s weathered unregulated temperatures for X years. But, if Patty believes it’s worthy of distribution, it must be usable. I look forward to photos of the treasure.

  2. Donna says:

    Wonderful that Patty did not let them throw the yarn away! People do that too easily these days – if you don’t want something at least take it to a second hand shop to resell it. I found some real treasures at second hand shops – love them! And I know you do, too! Can’t wait to see what’s in the big bag!!

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