About to Wrap Things Up

I’m really pleased with these little knitted Bingo Buck* pouches that I just finished making of kitchen cotton yarn for the Crochet Corner ladies.

733 pouches

Like the large white wooden beads? I thought it might be easier for the ladies to get a buttonhole on and off one of those than a flat button. I’m sure that Laura Bain wrote the pattern, “Card Envelope”, with a single gift card in mind but, since my envelopes are meant to hold several Bingo Buck cards, I made them a little larger.

My laaast Christmas project for 2015 is going to be a batch of Zooty Owl’s Granny Star ornaments. Tonight they’re more appealing to me than the pretty Holly Leaves pins that I picked out months ago simply because I think they’ll be much faster for me to finish.

I hope you’re all nearing the end of your Christmas Project Lists too. Happy hooking, knitting, sewing, baking, etc., etc., etc.!!

* Bingo Bucks are what I call the coupons, each worth 5 cents, that nursing home residents can win by playing Bingo on Wednesday nights. – Ellen refers to them as Funny Money. – They’re used to buy bargain-priced snacks, personal care products and small gifts at the Rec. Dept.’s “Corner Store”.

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4 Responses to About to Wrap Things Up

  1. Ann says:

    Those would work for tooth fairy pouches, too. But actually, with the tooth in a little container inside the envelope. Perhaps just folded in paper to be big enough to not fall out. Thanks for the links.

  2. Donna says:

    Those turned out adorable!

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