Christmas Stars

Over the last two days I’ve crocheted twenty-five Granny Stars. Thank goodness it’s such an easy pattern! – These are a wonderful project for sport weight yarn scraps. –

734 25 stars

They’re softer than I’d expected. . . perfect if I was planning to join them into a blanket but, – imo – not so good for ornaments. I considered switching to a smaller hook, but figured that would slow me down and, considering how many I planned to do, would also make my hands ache. So, instead, I bought an 8-ounce bottle of “Stiffy”, a liquid fabric stiffener. Diluting it with four ounces of water gave me juuuust enough solution for my twenty-five stars. – There’s less than a tablespoonful left in the bowl. –

734 stiffener

Ellen provided a large container of translucent glitter, which I generously sprinkled over both front and back of the wet stars. – Maybe it will show up better in a photo once they’re dry. –

734 glitter

I awarded myself “cleverness points” for having thought to put the drying stars in the basement where the dehumidifier is running. But then I had to deduct some points because I forgot to empty the dehumidifier’s water tank before I went to bed, which caused it to shut down sometime during the night. – boooo! –  Later, when the stars were about half-dry and the points weren’t so likely to droop , I came up with this ingenious drying “rack”. . .

734 drying

and gave myself back the points. HAha.

This afternoon I gave the stars one last going over with my blow dryer, declared them “dry enough”, and packed them for the short trip to the nursing home.

The stars looked nice as they were, but so much better once the ladies glitzed them up with glitter


734 plain and glittered

and/or beads!

734 glittering

Almost immediately after each star got decorated it was gifted to whomever happened to pass by the Rec Room next, residents and visitors alike. Judging by the smiles of both givers and recipients, I’d call this Christmas project a great success! I hope all of your Christmas projects turned out as well.

And a Very Merry Christmas to Everyone!!

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3 Responses to Christmas Stars

  1. You’re not a horse whisperer or a dog whisperer. (You might be a cat whisperer, but we’d have to ask Emily.) What you are is a Joy Giver! You give joy to so many people! Merry Christmas, Linda!

  2. Donna says:

    Love the stars! What fun for everyone!

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