#49 – Nearing the End of 2015

WOW! I haven’t posted about any ripples since #48, 

724 AUTMN-full

which was on November 29th. That means I’m four ripples behind and have but four days left in the year! I’d best get right to #49.

735 TGB-close

Karen of MA, do you, by any chance, recognize this pretty variegated that you sent me? –  I think it might by Simply Soft, so smooth and rather shiny. –

I also included:

  • the rest of the ‘olive’, also from Karen of MA, that I first used in “Yipes Stripes!”


  • an entire skein of RHSS ‘Real Teal’
  • two partial skeins of medium blues
  • three partial skeins of white, including one of fuzzy Dazzlezaire and
  • two small skeins of vintage tan that I got at a tag sale

My, but this ripple took quite the hodgepodge of yarns didn’t it?!? lol. I’m calling it. . .

Lake Mead

735 TGB-full

Please stay tuned for #50.

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4 Responses to #49 – Nearing the End of 2015

  1. Karen says:

    Yes! I do remember that yarn, but I think it did not have a label. I also remember how soft and pretty it was. It looks fabulous in that afghan! Very nice design.

  2. Donna says:

    Beautiful colors!

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