#50 of 2015 – A Bulky Blanket

What could be less exciting than looking at a cream and taupe blanket lying on a beige carpet?! lol.

736 NTL-close

For a moment I considered adding an accent color or two, maybe deep purple and hot pink, by weaving crocheted chains lengthwise through the increase and/or decrease holes, – Have any of you ever done that? – but then I thought, nah, it’s . . .

A Classic

736 NTL-full

Caron One Pound ‘Taupe’ from Karen of MA and several small skeins of Magic Match III BULKY from ? ? ?

Note to Self: A skein of Caron One Pound yields 44 rows when used with a size I hook, while a skein of the Magic Match makes 9 rows. I have 4 more skeins = 36 rows still available.

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3 Responses to #50 of 2015 – A Bulky Blanket

  1. BettyLou says:

    Not boring at all, very pleasing and calming to the eye. Once again you made your fifty two. Congratulations for meeting your goal.

    • It felt great to finally use at least some of that bulky cream yarn and my brain, tired from my Christmas projects, appreciated the extra simple design.

      Thank You! I expect 2016’s fifty-two will include several handwoven blankies. . . I’ve been gathering ideas.

  2. Ann says:

    I agree with Betty Lou. A great neutral to allow the recipient to choose their color scheme/theme and still use this successfully.

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