Blankie* #1 of 2016

My first ripple of the New Year was inspired by this one, which was made for Project Linus by Diana, known as “iskydive2” in Ravelry.

740 BYGY-fullOops. DH made that photo smaller than usual.

As long as he was going to redo it, I asked him to brighten the blue a little too.


There’s nothing we can do for the yellow though, which is also a little brighter in real life, playing with it distorts the others, but you get the general idea.

Yarns used: RHSS ‘Paddy Green’ and an unknown yellow, both from Sandi of MD, plus more RHSS from my older stash, ‘Skipper Blue’ and ‘Maize’.

740 BYGY-close

Wow, more than a week has passed since I last wrote! I bet you’re wondering what’s been going on. Well, I started two other posts but, unfortunately, no one finished them for me. lol

No worries, DH and I are fine. I’ll catch you up on all the news, eventually.

*Blankie – Because I’m going to start including every blanket I make in my annual count, whether it’s a ripple, granny, laprobe, baby or handwoven.

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9 Responses to Blankie* #1 of 2016

  1. Ann says:

    Your inspiration looks like it was made with Caron One Pound Royalty, Sunflower and Forest Green. Very rich colors. I looked up Skipper Blue and it is definitely bolder than your photo shows on my screen unless I tip the monitor. Blankie is gorgeous with the brighter yellow with the green and cornflower appears to be with the blue. Photographs never do an afghan/blankie justice.

    • Hi Ann ~
      How does the blue look to you now?
      DH made the first full view photo smaller than usual. When he went to enlarge it I asked him to also punch up the blue a little. 🙂

      • AnnB says:

        Yes, the new photo is a richer blue, truer to the yarn color when I looked it up. The first photos show a gray blue, like a very faded denim. Too dull for the joy you create.

  2. Beautiful! You always inspire me. I’m looking forward to your posts in 2016. I know you use the Rustic Ripple pattern and an “I” hook. How many chains to start? Thanks in advance.

    • Thank You, Joyce. It’s great to hear from you again!

      Actually, I only use a size I hook with heavier weight yarns. With my usual RHSS and the like I use an H.
      Although the Rustic Ripple calls for working with two strands of yarn held together I use a single strand. So I add 12 stitches to the pattern in order to end up with a kids-size blankie, about 35″ wide. That’s two stitches added per peak – one on the uphill run of dcs, one on the downhill – x 6 peaks = 12.
      Notice that the pattern says to work your beginning chain loosely. I find it easier to simply use an I hook for the chain and then switch to an H.

      Funny that your other email address didn’t work as my computer “remembers” that you’ve used it here before. Oh well. . . I’m just happy that you found a way to get through!

  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Linda. I have not received a newsletter from you in a very long time. I resubscribed and I am still subscribed. I am not sure what the problem is but I do enjoy them and seeing your latest projects.
    I am about to start your wriggly ripple for a friend’s elderly father. I love the pattern.
    I hope you are doing well.

    • Hello Sharon ~

      DH and I are well and there are no problems with wordpress; I simply haven’t written any new posts since October. I haven’t crocheted any new ripples either. I did weave strips for several more blankets like #8. They are patiently waiting to be assembled.

      You may have noticed that as 2016 progressed my posts become more about weaving and my volunteer work at the nursing home than about crocheting. And the more I got into weaving, the further behind I got with posting about what I was up to. Then, at the end of September,the craft gallery where I had been teaching suddenly closed. sigh

      At the moment I’m getting into to rug hooking. As a kind of off-shoot, I’m also learning about needle punching with yarn, with hopes that I can get S, at the nursing home, interested. With the use of only one arm, she can’t hook but, with the help of a little gadget DH and I made, which holds the needle so she can thread it, she can needle punch!

      I’m not sure if I’m finished with blogging or not but,. . .
      maybe, 5 1/2 years is my limit? ?

      Thank you for writing. And, Happy New Year!

  4. AnnB says:

    It’s good to read an update of your adventures….even if in response to a query of “where are you?”
    That 5.5 years might be your blog limit is exactly why I copy and paste patterns or tutorials from fabulous blogs as they might disappear without warning.
    I really need to stop the copy and paste as I have more than my remaining lifespan, but I guess the new copy and paste is knitting or weaving, etc. which are new uses for the stash of yarn collected over a few years.
    I’m sorry for your loss of the gallery teaching. I’m pleased to read you are discovering more ways to manipulate yarn; and continuing adventures with the residents at the nursing home. Is the new tool for S something that could be sold for others with one-handitis?
    All the best to you and your hubby.

    • Have no fear, I see no reason to ever delete Alottastitches as WordPress hosts it for free. Although, I suppose, WordPress itself could disappear some day.

      Yes, collecting new patterns and ideas is great entertainment.. . Example – I just discovered “Locker Hooking”. Looks interesting! Coincidentally, soon after, I received a bag of used tees with a book about Locker Hooking tucked in. Is the universe trying to tell me something? haha
      I found on-line that my local JoAnns stocks the locker hooking tool but I’m in no hurry to buy one as I’m having plenty of fun with traditional rug hooking, at the moment.

      “I’m sorry for your loss.” Thank You. Very few people seem to appreciate the impact.

      The “new tool” was made specifically to fit a vintage punchneedle that I bought on eBay, so no, it’s not something others are likely to find useful. Nice idea though!

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