They’re a HIT! – or – Old News

I started writing this post back on November 29th.

If you happened to have noticed my Dec. 3rd comment about how both nursing home employees and visitors loved buying our potholders for Christmas gifts – or – my Dec. 10th reference to “S.’s potholder production line”, then you already know that. . .

BIG potholders are a BIG hit in the Crochet Corner!!

B. is working on an all-purple one.


But I think she enjoys selling potholders even more than she enjoys weaving them! I helped her out recently by filling an order for a four-potholder Rainbow table runner 

743 tablerunner

with six matching mug rugs.


More recently, she took orders for six of this color combination, which I call Rainbow-Rainbow. (Colors are more intense IRL.)


With a potholder loom clamped to the table, S. gradually learned how to weave one-handed. She now only needs my help to bind-off. Yay, S.!!

One day it occurred to me to try putting a little rubber mat under her loom. This has helped S. become even more self-sufficient as, unlike the clamps, she can very easily set this up on her own.


Ellen asked for two potholders in the colors of the Italian flag, like the one S. is working on above. This started a chain reaction among staff, resulting in orders for four more, which S. is now in the process of filling.

Here is M., our newest weaver, busily working on her first mug rug.


Notice her fashion-forward footwear, purple socks worn with red shoes, typical of M.’s cheerful style!


D. continues knitting a variegated purple shawl.


Purple potholder, purple socks, purple shawl. Notice a trend?

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2 Responses to They’re a HIT! – or – Old News

  1. Bettina says:

    How utterly BRILLIANT!!!!!

  2. I absolutely love this!

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