Half a Bag of Yarn

I wanted to get a photo of every one of the yarns P of CT gave me in back in December.

730 bag

– Not only so I could share them with you, but because looking through stash photos is so much easier than digging through boxes! – however the winter sun had other ideas, dipping behind the western hills long before I was able to finish. -sigh- Oh, well. At least I got started. Let’s go look at the mmmmmMOHAIR, shall we?

Two bags, 23 fifty-gram balls, of Bernat’s “Fifi”, an aranweight boucle, in colors “Ashes of Roses” and “Pastel Peach”. 65% mohair, 17 wool, 17 nylon. – Made in the USA.

746 yrn1-m-Fifi

I don’t know just how balls of mohair it takes to weave a shawl, but I imagine we have enough here for several!

Next, ten balls, also fifty-gram, of another aranweight mohair, Bernat’s “Venetian”.

746 yrn2-m-vntn

Left to right, 2 “Aqua Frost” (cream with green pink and purple smears), 1 “Azure” (blue with white and purple slubs), 3 “Heather”, and 4 of “Palm” (cream with a green tinge and the same subtle smears as “Aqua Frost”) – From Great Britain.

And then, eight of Tiffany Brand “Tiftique” – Where do they get these names?!? – which is a bulky 100% mohair. And they each weigh. . . yepper, 50 grams each. – Made in Turkey.

746 yrn3-m-Tiff

I’ve read that mohair can be difficult to work with, so I think I’ll try weaving with some before I offer any to the ladies.

I managed to rush through a second box. . . all WOOL.

746 yrn4-wools

Brunswick “Ballybrae” in color “Cork Tan”, 100 gm each. Described as “a sheepy unscoured wool with natural oils”, a loosely spun aranweight. – Made in the USA

746 yrn5-w-bally

Two-ounce skeins of Reynolds “Candide” a mothproofed single-ply that I would describe as a light sportweight. There are no color names, just #s. – From Canada.

746 yrn6-w-cand

Next up, a mixture:

  • Four 100 gm of Peer Gynt sportgarn in emerald. – From Norway,
  • Four 50 gram balls of Baruffa’s “piazza navona”, a blend of 38% silk, 30 wool, 20 kid mohair, and 12 acrylic. I’d call this color seafoam. – From Italy.
  • A lone skein of Bucilla’s Persian needlepoint/crewel wool
  • and. . . One two-ounce ball of Green Mountain Spinnery’s “Blue Gentian” mohair, which is actually 70% wool/30 yearling mohair. – Made in Vermont, USA.

746 yrn7-w-peer

And I end with six well-coordinated colors of Brunswick’s sport/dk “Pomfret Mark II” : 5 Foliage Heather, 1 Black, 1 Blackberry Heather, 1 Chestnut Heather and 2 Sea Oats Heather, for a total of ten 50 gm balls. – Made in USA

746 yrn8-w-pom

I marvel at how many countries these lovely yarns represent: Great Britain, Turkey, Canada, Norway, Italy and the US!

Next time, the COTTONS and BLENDS. I wonder where they were made.

P.S. Yes, I’m still crocheting blankets for foster kids. Just having trouble getting them photographed! You’ve already seen the three that I shot along with this yarn.

Thursday looks good. . . 35 degrees and mostly sunny. And I’ll be home!

Friday I’m to meet with a young woman who recently opened an Arts and Crafts Thrift Store, where she also holds an after school Arts and Crafts Program for kids. Both very neat ideas, IMHO! I approached her by email about working out a trade. Several boxes of my no-longer-wanted craft supplies: fabric doll bodies, unfinished wooden shapes, tiny baskets, etc., for, hopefully, a bunch of stuff from my Crochet Corner wish list. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m wondering, could I possibly handle volunteering a third afternoon each week? ? Working with kids would be a nice complement to working with the senior ladies.

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